Hi, I’m Jeneth Blackert. I pleasure and delight in writing, yoga, food, horses, sensations and beyond this reality body & life hacks that create real change as a way to expand my awareness on planet earth.

Like you, I love living, so after years of fighting weight, the scale and my body; I demanded a change. I've found the secret bio-hacks to releasing weight with ease and the reality-hacks to ending the self-judgment that I hold towards food, eating and my weight.

Welcome to Real Raw You

Raw Living That Creates Real Change

Who exactly is a Real Raw You-er? I’ll start by telling you what she’s not. She’s not a total eating everything raw control freak. This isn't about raw eating. It's about being real raw everything. It's about not having to fit into any previous defined mold or identity. It's about being you. The beautiful undefined you! She also trusts that her body knows and has some say in what she puts in her body, how she uses her body and even what skin care and clothes she puts on it.

Real Raw Food

What foods change your body?

As a conscious nutritionist I focus on eating real (not necessarily raw) foods that eliminates the resistance or reaction in the body. There are many theories out there about food allergies, inflammation and weight loss diets, many of them work great -- we get very real about the underlying limitations that keep you eating the foods that comfort you instead of nourish you.

Shrink Your Body

Real Raw Body

What does your body love?

As a lover of being and feeling truly embodied, I love to pleasure in the yummiest yoga, horse riding, skincare, fashion and beauty products that love my body just as much as I do. I desire to bring forth the true reality-hacks in this area. What makes us feel more real, radiant, vibrant and alive?

Love Your Body

Real Raw Living

What do you desire in your life?

As a creator and creative, I love to explore ways that change our C.O.R.E. (Creative, Orgasmic, Real Energy) being. This includes things like how to change your subconscious beliefs, behaviors, thoughts, feelings, emotions, and obsessive patterns for real and faster change. You'll see the word: Be-ology in our blog; this is the methodology that I use to help you know you. It expands your awareness through sensations, perceptions, and knowing, so that you can really be you.

Change Your World

All beings and bodies are different. Your being and body knows!
There is no right or wrong. There is only choice.

It's Simple. Real Raw You is designed to help you:
"Know your body so you can have the body you love"
"Know yourself so you can choose for yourself"
"Live from your true desire and pleasure"

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I have been a conscious body and being facilitator for 10+ years. In that time I’ve facilitated thousands of people on body and life changes. I even certify Real Raw Change Agents™ to take you through our Be-ology Neuro-Integration Change Process™ so you can get what you want!!!

This idea started back in 2005 when I created a simple coaching program for fast results and to get people “red carpet ready.” We spent countless hours making it perfect. Then we found that we could get people results to a certain point and things would stop. Maybe you can relate. Have you ever been on a program and it works until your willpower gives out?

Well, that was happening for our clients and it pissed me off! Bummer! I mean there’s nothing more frustrating and then putting your heart and soul into something and then not being about to create the desired change! So I started asking questions and seeking things that would support those looking for REAL CHANGE in their body!

TODAY, we use a very different approach and it includes more than forcing food and exercise. It’s all about the client and following a series of muscle-tested questions and looking at what’s true for them! And in essences, it’s about you coming into ALL OF YOU and making choices from both your body and being!

Imagine how empowering and exciting it would be to have you and the body you love? Now that’s pretty awesome! There’s nothing more motivating or empowering than having the body you love!

Real Raw You