DaKara Kies | Sacred Language & Light Alchemy

Let’s talk about Sacred Language and how it changes your belief systems

(This interview is from the birth of Synergy Sessions – now Synergy Podcast)

( 1:00 ): Welcome to the Real Raw You | Synergy Podcast! Let’s begin with a couple of announcements:
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( 2:00 ): We are interviewing intuitive DaKara Kies. She’s an energy healing intuitive, she uses astrology, sacred language and has the ability to help others get out of their own way to access conscious “weirdness.”

( 2:20): Jeneth asks:  I know it’s an exciting time. Let’s talk about the moon.

  • Full moons allow us to be in a time of fullness
  • New moons allow us to plant seed of growth
  • And Sabian Symbols … listen and learn more 🙂

( 11:11 ): Jeneth asks: Let’s talk about Sacred Language vs. Light Language

  • The Sacred Meadow
  • Energetic Transmission
  • Bring in the Light and Alchemy

( 24:00 ): Jeneth says: Wow. I feel a lot lighter.  Talked a light about chanting and kirtan.

( 25:00 ): We ask the audience what sensations they notice.
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( 27:00 ): We talk about ‘Weirdness’ and how we often, “Just don’t fit in.”
How can we love an accept ourselves as we are?

( 39:50 ): We talk about being consciousness, aware and asking the question.

  • Release the idea that there even needs to be an answer
  • A brief talk about ‘Living the Quest’ … find out about Jeneth’s next webinar ‘Quest’ here.
  • Being true to yourself… being your authentic self is the path!

( 43:30 ): Jeneth & DaKara chats about: How to stop judging yourself into an unhappy world 🙂

( 46:00 ): We talk about her AMAZING SPECIAL OFFER (reduced from $147 to $97)

( 108:00 ): We take callers! We start with a caller to work on financial blocks.

( 120:00 ): I ask a question about ‘wanting more and having ecstatic living.’  I can say that I have been  living that this year and have been for months! 🙂

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