Mapping Your Soul System

#1 Your Brilliant Soul System

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PART ONE | Audio MP3 Soul Contracts | Your Brilliant Soul System What is a Soul System and how does my soul system affect ME?
  • Are you dealing with challenges in your life, but have no idea how to start identifying them or how they got there in the first place?
  • Have you been thinking there might be some other force at work that’s creating havoc, chaos, discontent, or sadness in your life?
If so, learning about your Soul System will give you the insight you’re looking for – so you can finally tap into the hidden energy system that has been guiding you every day since you were young! In Part 1, you will learn about your Soul System and begin the process of working towards changing the way you see yourself, the way you break old habits of thinking, and the way you prevent yourself from reaching your goals through your Soul System. In Part One, you’ll learn:
  • What are Seed Thoughts and Soul Contracts
  • How even just one of these energies can secretly influence you for years
  • The three main components to create a healthy Soul System
  • The components of an un-healthy Soul System
  • How to begin working on uncovering the brilliance within your Soul System
In “Your Brilliant Soul System,” you’ll receive a new perspective on how the soul works AND you’ll learn about the incredible system of your soul and how it has been constructed to give you all of the benefits, joys and successes you’ve desired, once you know how to work with it!

#2 Setting Your Foundation

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PART TWO | Audio MP3 Soul Contracts | Setting Your Foundation Doing the work so you can do the work more easily
  • Do you feel like your life is full of chaos?
  • Do you wake up and stay up at night worrying?
  • Do you know how to most effectively manage your energy and emotions?
Once you’ve learned how your Soul System works, you’ll want to begin working from within to bring healthy thought patterns back to your own system. Your foundation is the place to start! It’s time to learn how to begin managing your energy to achieve greater success. This means that following steps, rules and what everyone else says will no longer work! It’s time to TUNE IN TO YOU! In Part 2, Danielle shows you how to go within, so you can determine whether your own energy management techniques are creating the right framework for future success or holding you back as a result of old patterns and self-limiting thought processes. In this audio, Danielle also equips you with her most effective energy management tools yet! Many people don’t realize when it’s time to discard their old tools as all too often old tools fall short of achieving the foundation required to create real positive change. Using this program and Danielle’s tools, you’ll learn how to create a solid foundation, one you can stand on firmly and with assurance, one that will deliver the life you want to lead – a life not defined by restrictions and limitations, but one of limitless opportunities. In Part Two, you’ll:
  • Learn how a lack of energy foundation can prevent you from making deep changes in your life
  • Learn how to re-access the energy of your soul, through the Soul Energy Harmonization
  • Rebuild a stronger more robust foundation for your greater success
  • Learn how to test the effectiveness of your own techniques
  • Release the energies you’ve absorbed from your environment. This is the same theory that Danielle uses with her highest-vibrating clients, and in this audio, she’s sharing it with you!

#3 Finding Your Soul Contracts

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PART THREE | Audio MP3 Soul Contracts | Finding Your Soul Contracts Learn what’s stopping YOU from meeting your goals!
  • Do you set goals for yourself and yet fail to achieve them?
  • Do you feel that the same-old-stuff keeps getting in the way?
  • Do you make the same decision again and again even though you know it’s not the right one?
Now that you’ve set a firm foundation, it’s time to identity and deal with the soul level blocks creating havoc and discord in your life and preventing you from achieving and realizing your full potential. In Part Three, Finding Your Soul Contracts, you’ll learn everything you need to know to discover all the various soul level blocks creating havoc in your life.
  • Learn how Soul Contracts are GOOD BLOCKS intended to assist you in your evolution as a human
  • Find out how Relationship Soul Contracts affect every single person in your life
  • See how Animals work at the soul level to create contracts that help you grow
  • Come to understand how Lifetime Soul Contracts represent lessons that your Soul wants you to learn
  • Learn how DNA Soul Contracts create supported energy for the rest of your Soul Family
  • Discover how Bump Contracts work as a Plan B to help keep you remain on-track throughout your lifetime
  • Learning the four easiest methods for identifying your own Soul Contracts
Everyone thinks they know what their unique blocks are, but as you delve into your Contracts, you’ll find that very often, the blocks aren’t exactly what you originally thought, and you might be surprised at how common they are! Soul Contracts make it difficult for you to accept and experience the brilliance of your Soul and of who you really are! It’s time to nail down exactly which Soul Contracts are blocking you so you can begin working on removing them from your life immediately!

#4 Finding Your Seed Thoughts

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PART FOUR | Audio MP3 Soul Contracts | Finding Your Seed Thoughts Exposing and changing your root beliefs
  • Do you secretly doubt yourself?
  • When you try to make a change, do you find the little voice in your head says, “don’t do it!”
  • Are you ready to understand what is driving you at the very root level?
Now that you’ve firmly established your strong foundation and you’ve discovered your Discordant Emotions and Soul Contracts, you’re ready to get to the core challenge! Without exposing the root, it’s unlikely that any major changes you make in your life will actually be permanent. This is why Part Four, Finding Your Seed Thoughts is such a pivotal part of this process. It is here that you learn exactly what Seed Thoughts are and how they often remain stubbornly hidden within your Soul, despite years and years of work on yourself. In Part 4, Danielle also helps you:
  • Learn the 4 primary Seed Thoughts
  • Find your own Seed Thoughts through her unique three-step technique (You may have more than one!)
  • Develop the deep awareness to work at the soul level
In Part Four, Danielle not only helps you develop the deep level of awareness necessary to do this intimate Soul-Level work, she also provides you with the accompanying Soul Lesson, so that you can further your journey of changing your life from the inside out. As you progress through Part Four, you’ll start to notice how you’re behaving differently, finding more ease in your day, feeling that you can rather than you can’t, making positive decisions for yourself (that you never thought you would make) and so much more!

#5 Mapping Your Soul System

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PART FIVE | Audio MP3 Soul Contracts | Mapping Your Soul System The ultimate in Soul System awareness
  • Do you work better when you see the big picture laid out in front of you?
  • Does you like to trace something from beginning to end to best understand it?
  • Do you love the feeling of accomplishment when you finally put that last piece of the puzzle together?
Having worked through the first four parts, you should be feeling proficient in working with your Soul System. You finally have everything you need to create your personalized map of your Soul System! And don’t worry about this one – it’s quick and easy! Here, in Part Five, Danielle shows you how to construct your own Soul System map via her three simple steps, incorporating all of the components purposefully into your map. This is the ultimate in awareness, as you’ll finally have a beautiful visual guide helping you track why your life has been operating the way it has been. BONUS! As an extra, Danielle has included a method for you to check your Soul System Map, and how you are progressing as you move through the entire process.

#6 Releasing Your Soul Contracts

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PART SIX | Audio MP3 Soul Contracts | Releasing Your Soul Contracts Releasing the energies no longer serving you right now!
  • Have you already been experiencing change as a result of your newly developed awareness?
  • Do you often take on the emotions of friends and family?
  • Have you experienced lots of Aha moments through working with the Mapping Your Soul System program?
At this point in the program, you should have clearly identified what your Soul Contracts and Seed Thoughts are, you know your Discordant Emotions – and you know how it all fits together into your map. You’ve also been experiencing small changes and new awareness as a result – as you’ve been working with this system for days or even weeks. In Part Six, it’s time to go in and let go! In Releasing Soul Contracts, Danielle walks you through the final step in the program. This release is really the icing on the cake – as by this point in the program, most people are experiencing great change within already. In this audio you’ll:
  • Learn the importance of embodiment versus intellectual understanding (and find out how so many people go wrong with this!)
  • Learn the Four Steps to True Embodiment of the lesson
  • Come to understand why soul level changes become a catalyst for habit change
  • Learn a fun tool for how to disconnect your energy from parts of the past that are holding back your ability to embody the lesson
  • Receive a clearing of all of the Soul System energies you’re now ready to release
Now you really get to experience what it’s like to shift from the inside out to start living the life you want to lead! BONUS! As an added bonus, Danielle has included a simple yet effective technique for calling in the new energies you really want to experience.

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Mapping Your Soul System

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