How to Make Kombucha From the SCOBY

I love Kombucha. I drink it every day and have been for several years. Doesn’t matter if it’s store bought (Health-Ade Kombucha) or SCOBY homemade… I just love the taste and how it makes my body feel!!!!

Not only do I love kombucha as substitute for soda or a cocktail, but sometimes I make it as a healthier cocktail!

kombucha health-ade

What Do You Mean Scoby Homemade?

If you’ve had kombucha, you may have noticed the FLOATERS! That’s from the mushroom-like blob called a SCOBY — which stands for S.ymbiotic C.olony O.f B.acteria and Y.east.The SCOBY is the culture required to make kombucha tea.

There are many different strains of kombucha cultures.

kombucha pomengrate

The Benefits

First, not all kombuchas contain the exact same strains of SCOBY bacteria and yeasts, but they all generally have the same benefits, which are:

1. Detoxification.

2. Joint care / inflammation.

3. Aid in digestion and gut health — which is also a benefit of ginger.

kombucha ginger lemon
4. Helps with constipation ( fun shit– literally ).

5. Amps immune system — which is also a benefit of lemon.

6. Aids in liver function.

7. I’ve also heard it also helps with candida (i.e. yeast)

kombucha candida help

xo ~ Jeneth

Where to get a SCOBY starter kit

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