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Favorite, Familiar Suffering

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Favorite, Familiar Suffering

This Real Raw You Special Offer from Veronica Torres / Eloheim Includes:

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Make Uncertainty Work for You: Part 1 (90 minute video)

“You’re here to explore uncertainty.” - Eloheim

This amazing call introduces the Uncertainty Spectrum.

Uncertainty is a fact of life, and we spend much of our life being afraid of it — thanks to our preprogrammed Survival Instinct. Using Eloheim’s new skills with the computer and a chart they spent several weeks keeping Veronica up at night devising and refining, Eloheim explains how we can move from fear to fascination while in uncertainty.

Constant uncertainty is not always danger. When you don’t let the survival instinct run your life, you get to explore and live life as Homo spiritus.

The place where we say, “I know I created this terrible thing and I don’t know why or how” makes us a victim of our own creation. You are NOT a victim of yourself!

When you have uncertainty and fear but ignore it or avoid it, you’re simply coping, pretending, and lying to yourself. When you are in uncertainty and fascinated, you’re in discovery. Eloheim’s teachings show you how to get from one side of the spectrum to the other.

Eloheim asked for caller input and examples for each part of the graph, then they explained what the types of examples lead to and how to get unstuck. They suggested we use this graph to get to the other side of the middle line and to create a larger discovery zone. The center line is movable and we can shrink or expand either side.

“Every single thing we have taught you has led here.” - Eloheim
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Think Less and Feel More (90 minute video)

Thinking so much has not served us. At this point in our evolution, we are ready for the heart to join the conversation and to be a part of making decisions.

How do we integrate the thinking part of ourselves with the feeling part in order to be a whole, balanced person?

Eloheim covers this and so much more in this fun talk filled with steps you can take today! Reclaim your center and move your life forward as an integrated being.
#3 $100.00

How to Clear Mind Clutter – One Hour Video

It’s no secret that we humans have busy, busy minds, minds full of thoughts about the things we have to do, want to do, didn’t do, and past memories. These thoughts keep insight from being accessible according to Eloheim, and so they are teaching us to sink into the moment in order to allow insight to show up.

To that end, Eloheim offers this practical visual to consider: picture trying to sign your name with 25 pencils. It’s highly unlikely it would be easy or readable! Or even doable! But when you choose one pencil, it’s much simpler to write your name.

Eloheim explains the process of clearing our mind clutter through the unexpected and fun use of a spreadsheet. This new tool will help us break down the thoughts in our minds into smaller, more manageable pieces, thereby making it possible to take actionable steps.

Your order includes the audio/video of Eloheim’s presentation, the spreadsheet Eloheim created, and a blank spreadsheet for your own use.
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Pt 1: Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living Vol. 1

Eloheim is best known for their dozens of easy-to-apply tools that offer life-changing support for personal transformation.

Tools that require no props, no rituals, no religious beliefs, and can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day activities.

53 of Eloheim’s tools are now in ONE ebook.

The Choice for Consciousness:Tools for Consciousness Livingseries is designed to offer step-by-step tools to support your movement out of the fear-based operating system into consciousness based living, to rid yourself of baggage, static, and unhealthy habits, to help you discard victim mentality and live as the creator of your life.

Volume one of the series contains 22 tools which help you recognize where you are experiencing victimhood. With that awareness, you can begin to live as a creator.
#5 $50.00

Pt 2: Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living Vol. 2

Volume two’s 16 tools help you to live as a creator of your life by illuminating your relationship to the moment. This volume shows you how to work with your new awareness to create the life you want.
#6 $50.00

Pt 3: Choice for Consciousness: Tools for Conscious Living Vol. 3

Volume three includes 15 tools to help you learn to fully take responsibility for your reactions to your creations. The tools fall into four categories: • Readiness for change • Managing your energy • Seeing things a new way • New relationship to money

“It is tools for everyone, for real life, real situations and real people that can be put into practice by anyone who chooses to do so, no matter where you are in life. The book is a complete universe all to itself where everything is clarified for ease of use.”

“Written with warmth and humor in a contemporary language makes it accessible in a profound way. Eloheim and the Council take you step by step and as a result your life slowly transforms into something more enjoyable and who does not want less drama and more serenity in their lives?”

Your choice of .epub, .mobi, or pdf formats.
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Group Call and Facebook Community

SAVE THE DATE: March 15th at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET Details will be emails after purchase. ===================== Receive Veronica’s support as you learn to use Eloheim’s teachings to transform your life! Join our passionately conscious and FUN community for friendship on your journey!

BONUS: Veronica will also channel Eloheim who will answer questions from those attending. Get answers to your questions and learn how to apply Eloheim’s teachings in an easy and effective manner.

These are powerful and interactive conference calls that will give you direct access to discovering your own soul's wisdom and how to integrate that knowledge into your everyday experiences.

Eloheim has been with us since the beginning. They were tasked by the creator to provide an opportunity for Souls to incarnate into a free-will zone. Our beautiful planet is that place. We have come to the point in our spiritual development where we are ready to make the jump to Homo spiritus. Homo spiritus is a state of bliss that exists outside of duality and allows us to access the full potential of being human; a brand new way to live on Earth.

The journey to Homo spiritus starts with transforming your relationship to yourself and others. Eloheim specializes in reading the underlying energetics in any situation. Once they have that clarity, they create an easy-to-apply tool that can quickly shift blockages. They have dozens and dozens of tools for you to use and are always coming up with more! This special package contains carefully selected teachings which highlight these tools to support you in making the jump to Homo spiritus.

Favorite, Familiar Suffering

by Veronica Torres / Eloheim for Real Raw You Readers

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