The Mind Controls The Body with Ingrid de la Mare-Kenny

On this call we will talk about how the brain changes the body.

Strength, health & well-being start in your POWERHOUSE – THE METHOD® builds your core as your foundation with a cognitive brain to body technique called CONTROLOGY™ Integration, this innovative system induces seamless advanced execution of elaborate, complex, uniquely modified Pilates exercises, while staying true & faithful to the foundation of the original method developed by Joseph Pilates,

Thru balance, spinal alignment, vertebral lengthening, straightening & muscle strengthening, resulting in LONG LEAN SCULPTED BEAUTIFUL MUSCLES, this EXTRAORDINARY protocol is ABOVE & BEYOND mainstream commercial PILATES, and anything you have ever experienced in a work-out, DISCOVER an EXTRAORDINARY DISCIPLINE that will move you BODY, MIND and SPIRIT, transform you completely, think of it as RECLAIMING YOUR BODY!


About Ingrid

Ingrid, a graduate of NYU Law School, retired from the Fashion & Entertainment industries when she moved to Monaco 5 years ago & opened THE METHOD®: her unique PowerPILATES + CONTROLOGY™ Integration Protocol. She trains & leads the certifications of THE METHOD® Master Instructors, consults with & conditions professional athletes and competitors for competitions & tournaments, she trains private clients locally and WORLDWIDE via OnLive Skype session, offering her EXPERT physical training & ground-breaking performance coaching called CONTROLOGY™ Integration mind-over-matter technique . She also hosts group WorkShops and TRANSFORMATION Programs, for men and women of all walks of life & different fitness background.

Ingrid is now involved in Performance & Conditionning training for several Professional Athletes in Tennis, Kite Surfing, MMA Fighting, ASM soccer, Swimming Teams.

In 2017, Ingrid is set to expand the brand further thru THE METHOD® Certification Programs, which offers training & certification to Pilates Instructors, and Fitness Professionals & Partnerships / Franchising of THE METHOD® Studios Worldwide. THE METHOD® Franchises are opening soon in Moscow, London & Dubai.