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Be Well Enlightenment Series & New Wave of Human Being

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We are at this time accelerating into the unification of two seemingly diverse paradigms of human experience 3D and 5D.  3D is based on duality,  and is a linear time based soul journey.

Now that the planet has  awakened we are birthing the experience of multidimensionality and the personal freedom to  have an embodied Soul Driven experience in multidimensionality.

All of life is a web.  Spirit is spinning its creation songs into form. We are alive because we have chosen to experience the various forms and states of awareness within the parameters of physical reality,  and NOW, in this ever eternal NOW we have awakened into knowing ourselves more fully and clearly.  

We are at this time experiencing a great acceleration of consciousness, of learning of who we are and how to integrate this  new consciousness.  

The effects of this global paradigm SHIFT will express  itself differently through each of us  but will also serve to unite us in the long run in terms of the collective experience.  

The Be Well En-lightenment audios contain a series of holographic downloads, vibrational entrainment &  UPGRADES that  provide Soul support to birth and integrate this 3D to 5D paradigm shift within you and allow you to have a  healthier, more vibrant embodiment experience.

To your health!

Bright blessings-Lanna Spencer

Be Well Enlightenment Series & New Wave of Human Being

This Real Raw You Special Offer from Lanna Spencer Includes:

#1 $100.00

Intro to NWHM with Well Being Holographic Activation

Sets the stage to understand the 3D to 5D paradigm shift. Enhances multidimensional receptivity in the body and your consciousness.
#2 $100.00

Cell Well

3D-5D En-lightenment, clearing, balancing for the basic building blocks of your entire body. 5D UPGRADES to unity consciousness and New Earth Energies, Diamond Light Activation within the cells.
#3 $100.00

Brain Well

3D-5D Entrainment & en-lightenment for all of the structures in the brain for 5D living. Begins to open and lateralize both hemispheres and increase communication with 5D centers in the heart.
#4 $100.00

Heart and Circulatory System

3D-5D En-lightenment, opening, clearing and balancing for the heart, vessels, blood, lymphatic systems. Opens, deepens connection to heart center and the multidimensional self. Connects and amplifies heart connection to the Heart of Mother Earth.
#5 $100.00

Nervous System

3D-5D En-lightenment, clearing and balancing for Central Nervous system, Peripheral Nervous system and adrenal glands.
#6 $100.00

Pulmonary System

3D-5D En-lightenment, clearing and balancing for Lungs and oxygen carrying capacity and transfer systems throughout the body.
#7 $100.00

Digestive System

3D-5D En-lightenment, clearing and balancing for stomach, gall bladder, liver, small and large intestines.
#8 $100.00

Urinary System

3D-5D En-lightenment, clearing and balancing for kidneys, urinary tract. Golden crystalline grid for rapid clearing and processing of anger, & energetic toxins.
#9 $100.00


The Glands are located throughout the brain and body and regulate important cellular, metabolic, & hormonal functions in the body. 3D-5D En-lightenment promotes clearing and balancing for Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thyroid, parathyroid, Thalamus, endocrine glands & Pancreas. Also awakens and entrains to White diamond and solar light pathways within and around the body.
#10 $100.00

Hair, Nails, Skin

3D-5D En-lightenment, vibrational support, clearing and balancing for the largest organ in the body, your skin. Releases your inner youthfulness and luminosity.
#11 $100.00


3D-5D En-lightenment & Vibrational support for bones, joints, and ligaments. Clears & releases old ancestral patterns, strengthens & balances Divine feminine golden-rose and Divine Masculine Solar energies of this important support system.
#12 $100.00


Are energy centers located in and around the body and correspond to health and wellness. Holographic 3D-5D Alignment & En-lightenment, clearing and balancing for the Chakra system.
#13 $100.00


Are the energy lines that run within the body and correspond to the wellness & functioning of the various body organs, glands, & body systems. Meridians also connect the body systems to the 5D energy bodies. Additionally they are responsible for balancing the elements and male-female energies of the body. This .mp3 provides 3D-5D En-lightenment, clearing and balancing for the meridian system.


Recording of a live session. Growing the Abundance FIELD from 5D. The energies contained within this activation are as strong as if you were there live.


Recording of extended live session. Entraining to your 5D Brilliance & overcoming adversity. The energies contained within this activation are as strong as if you were there live.

Be Well Enlightenment Series & New Wave of Human Being

by Lanna Spencer for Real Raw You Readers

Total Program Value: $1300.00
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Praise for Lanna Spencer:

"Ironic, how at the end as you were leaving you thanked us for joining you and I was thinking, "THANK YOU for clearing us". Since the session as I've been walking around this afternoon, I keep picturing a big plant growing out of my belly button area. I sense that it will have flowers soon. Since you worked on our bellies, I'm taking that as a positive sign you pulled a lot of gunk out and now there is room (energetically) to grow and blossom. So thank you again!"
Kat Codinha
"I listened to the replay that was so awesome !!! That was the most I ever felt on any activation I ever I did ... Wow non stop chills, feeling pulses in my stomach and left leg , swirling energy down my left leg, ears popping, saw colors spinning, white, purple,fuschia... Namaste ? love you"
Iona Flores
"Lanna is so blessed by God and the angels. Even on my sickest days I can feel her loving energy helping my body heal. I to had several ah ha moments during the call. I felt touched by the angels several times during the call. "
Retta Mitchell
"I completely zoned out, fell into one of those waking sleeps that only happens when I do a profoundly healing process. I don't remember it. I only know that I 'woke up' a few hours later and feel strangely different."
Georgina Lila Knox
"My computer kept shutting down, but I finally much energy moving in me...transmission id done and I need to get a thirsty...and then I have to lay down ! Thank you, thank you, thank you <3"
Barbara Szmyt
"The Angels must have brought me here! Going through a major healing crisis and yet I FELT, which is unusual. Many stiff parts of my body softened and opened. Thank you! It was a wonderful experience. Much love."
Maria De Lourdes Lacerda
"This was such an amazing experience. Angel blessings to you and everyone ♡Thank you so much Lanna"
Beatrice Small
"Than you for sharing your wisdom. Amazing. I feel like a clear laser beam of light!"
Judy Pink
"Thank you for this extra call!! so appreciated"
Chantale Julie
"amazing call!!Thank you!!"
Ellenmarie Joyce
"Profound experience Lana and your laugh softened it. I am so grateful for you loving guidance."
Jill Graverson
"Thank you, Amazing.."
Angelia Cheong
"Thank you"
Pam Chapman
"What a call today. I never ever felt so light. I been in meditation & healing for more than 10 years. I am still clearing my throat. My stomach has shrunk also. I remember during our call I asked Angles, "while you are here, please heal my body ache" Ms Lanna Spencer immediately answer me. I could even see the baby and the cord going from my stomach to my heart. Thank you very much Ms. Lanna."
"Those call was inspirational all questions were so helpful to me personally and I enjoy being made aware to actively participate in the healing ...I hope I can understand how to walk in the light to bless those that are challenging too... no judgement but understanding the poet of spirit."
Jeanne Sophia
"thanks for an Awesome call Lanna Spencer!! Perfect timing. Blessing to you:)"
Anna Barb
"WOW!!! Lanna What a beautiful POWERFUL call!! You are so spot on what you talked about fits me to a T I went so deep and felt SO much energy, I feel lighter and more clarity already. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU you are such a magnificent gift:), An ANGEL:) I am very grateful to you and the angels. We are truly blessed you are so generous to give your time and energy, AAAAHHHHH! BLESSINGS!!!!!! Love Light and Peace "

Be Well Enlightenment Series & New Wave of Human Being

by Lanna Spencer for Real Raw You Readers

Total Program Value: $1300.00
Add to Cart $97
100% Secure Payment

If you have ANY QUESTIONS or wish
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