Falling In Love with the Journey

love the process

When I was young, my parents would take me on these long car trips from Virginia to Florida.  I hated the trip, but loved the destination.  I have lived a great deal of life this way.  I’d jump from goal to goal while suffering through the process in order to arrive.

It wasn’t until God interfered and shocked me with the woo that I really started living.  (This story is in the first chapter of my Seven Dragons book.)

For me, the process is where we really get to play with your creative side.  It’s like our GPS navigation system whispering the possibilities.

And one of those choices is to fall through love.  Yes, falling “through” love.

Let’s find what you LOVE.

Discovering Your Love

Think about an activity, someone or something you love.  Maybe it’s painting, crafting, cooking, surfing, yoga or your lover.  You’ll know what you love, because when you are with it (or him) there’s lightness, joy, play and exuberance.  You are truly being and not doing it.

For me, it’s yoga. When I’m on the mat, I play and create shapes with my body. For me, it’s all about the joy, flow, and intimacy of oneness with me and my body.

Being Love vs. Being In Love

I’ve found when you notice “time” in any activity — and you’re waiting for it to be done so you can get on with the good stuff.  It’s more effort-filled journey of  “doing” verses “being.”  When you’re being love, it like being filled up with light so much that you can’t help but be the bright shiny light that you actually are.

When you are “being love,” it feels like you are the waves being moved your desires.

Choosing the Cosmic Loophole

What have you defined love to be?  What if it’s so much more than that?  Could it be all that you defined it to be and beyond?

In life we often focus on goals and doing what we need to do to get the prize.  What if it really didn’t work that way.  My invitation to you is that you notice the sensations of what you love so dynamically that it fulls you and overflow into all areas of life.  If you’d let go of the goal and go for the sensation instead I wonder what would really be possible.

Imagine what might happen if instead of completing tasks in the linear way you believe must occur, what if you’d ask and choose from the whispers of possibilities?  This is your cosmic loophole.

Riding the Work Wave

My surfer friend Megan tells me the energy of surfing is far beyond the definitions of strength, fun, joy, exhilaration and adventure.  And that’s the energy she rides through her work day. Imagine creating your day from the energy of surfing instead of boredom and dread.

Love lights up our life.  Yoga, surfing, cooking or whatever (whoever) you love… these things allow us to love the progress and process.

In a world where way too many people go to the gym so they can change their body and look differently. What if you could have both?

I wonder what would happen if you fell in love with the process and changing your body was just a by-product.

Revel in the continuous flow. Fall in love with process.  Now, that’s delicious creative living!