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""I am writing to inform you about my experiences since made contact with you 5 weeks ago. I had my first session with you on 13th September.A few days later, I experienced a shock regarding a situation that I thought had been resolved just showed up and needing immediate attention! I remembered you were away for a week so I felt it won't help if I made another appointment so I began to RICH it! I was just RICHING Everything! Well, I was able to calm down as I was guided to find attorney to represent me. I didn't have the money I thought would be required since I had dealt with this situation in the past. The attorney contacted me and their fees were far less than I had thought. A moment later, I had 2 people contacted me about a room for lodging in my home! They moved in a few weeks later and offered to pay me 3 months rent in advance! (I had advertised this room for a long time without any interest) Also, I stopped working for the company I was working for which I wasn't happy at all about their ethics. The same week I left the company, I had a client who signed up for one of my top programs!!! The following week, 2 more clients signed up and it's happening every week!! Thank you Macaya! I want to learn from you, become the best I can be, help as many people as I can in this lifetime! Macaya! This is amazing! I am sooooo excited and grateful to you. With infinite blessings to you always""
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Divine Mastery
with Dafna Ohana
""Dafna as my guide/facilitator was able to reach my subconscious mind and help me connect with my inner world that I had no idea existed. All the solutions to all my stressors were all there waiting for me to discover. With her help, I was able to make sense of everything going on in my life. The powers behind these experiences in hypnosis are profound. She was able to send me to a place where I found inner wisdom, unconditional love, peace and understanding. Dafna provides a safe, unbiased and life changing experience with her practice. Her knowledge and natural intuition is like no other. The experience has left me with a new perspective of the world and life as I now know it. By far the best thing I have ever experienced." "
A.P. Vancouver
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"I would like to share that I bought a package when I first heard Jade on The Transformation Show. Within the first few days of listening to the mp3s I started to receive hundreds of dollars unexpectedly and on day 20 of the 21 days someone gave me a gift of $2000 dollars, completely out of the blue! When I bought the package I thought I literally can't afford it. I decided to use my last dollars to buy it anyway! What a blessing it turned out to be! "
C.L from Canada
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Teachings of the Eye of Horus
with Anrita Melchizedek
"Hello! I just wanted to thank you so much for the incredibly special reading. Now that I have had a chance to digest it all I am forever grateful!! You are so full of love and wisdom and everything you shared stirred my soul. You answered all of my questions (for now..) and shed light on things I knew( and a lot of things I did not) but at a much deeper level. You are a gift from the angels! We certainly need more of you. I am so looking forward becoming more of who I really am. You have made my path easier and filled it with beautiful light. You are a waterfall of wisdom, love and sweetness; a lifetime or many lifetimes of information in one hour!Many blessings to you! Here we come!! Lots of love!"
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"I let Gary know I was having issues with my lower back hurting and my neck was really tight. I listened to the Physical Healing MP3 and I could feel a lot of warmth on my lower back and neck. I felt really calm and peaceful. I could feel the love of my Angels all around me sending me loving light and complete bliss. I felt as if I was having an energetic healing massage. I felt unconditional love radiating from my whole body. I feel energized and my body feels lighter than before. I would highly recommend Gary and his healing work to everyone. He has such a calmness about him. He soothes you and you can feel the compassion from him. He has a big heart."
Iona Flores
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Joyful Soul Immersion
with Kenji Kumara
"“I love Kenji’s work. Both his teachings and his guided meditations have such authenticity and integrity, and are always offered with his special playful humor. (He never takes himself too seriously which, to me, is a mark of a true teacher.) I especially appreciate how consistently and masterfully he creates a sacred space and then guides us so smoothly and easily into deep meditation in the Quantum. Thank you, Kenji! You are a such a gift to us!”​"