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"I just had a life changing angel reading with messages from the Archangels Michael and the Ascended Masters. It was very clear, and spot-on. Archangel Michael and I had a wonderful conversation in the reading in which it felt as if we were best friends and he knew exactly what plan of action would be for my highest good. All the angel messages that came through were accurate, clear, direct, and inspirational. After this session, my energy fields changed from feeling drained into feeling hopeful about life. Before the reading I was needing an energy boost and Archangel Michael provided that. An so please consider doing an angel reading with Kelly Hampton for she is kind, loving, and brings forth the Michael messages in such a loving way. "
Gabe, Ohio
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Real Raw Creative YOU
with Whitney Freya
"I can’t tell you how excited I am about painting, my life, my creativity, my world, etc…. This has really gotten my energy flowing. When I’m painting I’m working out all my problems of the day…but the beauty is that I’m not thinking and analyzing…I just paint and end up at a better place. I’m really amazed at how energized and excited I feel about everything …. who knew just using that other side of my brain could make such a difference."
Tammy Roth
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"This 5-week program has been amazingly beautiful! In the live sessions Zoe and the beings that she channels take you on a journey inward where you get the chance to truly feel your inner being and finally let go of all the ‘stuff’ that you are not. These beings that come through have an amazing energy that supports the entire process; making it so much easier to let go of everything we do not need anymore and then to feel and embrace who and what we truly are” I really really really recommend anyone that is in the ascension process to experience this 5-week program! Thank you so much Zoe"
Love from Simon from The Netherlands
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"I don't know how it works, but I know that it does. I have consulted Gene for the removal of barriers for various important but mundane occasions (house sale, an important meeting, the pregnancy and delivery of my second son, new home purchase, and more) and EVERY time the result has been excellent. Since the time of my Reconnection (done in person) and my Reconnective Healing (performed remotely) I have had quantum leaps in my spiritual and personal development. I wouldn't say that Gene's work created these developments, but that they caused subtle shifts and openings leading to tremendous changes, both felt and seen. I liken it to the movement of tectonic plates. Gene is a neutral and powerful channel for this work. Neutral in the best sense of the word: his presence is steady, calm and non-judgmental so that as a personality he almost disappears. Be Reconnected by Gene; it will change your life for the better."
G.M., Philadelphia, PA
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Wisdom Path Ascension
with Christel Hughes
"I had a group Intuitive Assessment with Christel at the end of last year and to say it was life changing is an understatement! My entire reality immediately shifted on its axis and spiritual gifts literally started flooding in…Truly miraculous and totally unexpected. I have so much love and gratitude for Christel and the blessings she has brought into this reality for all of us who follow her work."
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Initial Discovery Package
with Deane Thomas
"I feel very fortunate to have connected with Deane. From the very beginning of our interaction, he put me at ease and I was able to feel that he was a special person! Not everyone has a gift for not only listening with such empathy but able to relate to someone and advise them so quickly and so effectively. I am no stranger to the path of spiritual development and am myself highly empathe…"
Annette - USA