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Magic in Business
with Tanja Barth
"With the advanced body processes you will get to a place where you are not in judgment with your body and with a little bit of luck you’ll have a sense of peace in this reality and not make yourself wrong for what you can or can’t be or do."
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"Eden is a pure presence of love. She is a stand for you to show up in all of your wholeness. She offers a sacred space where you can open to knowing all parts of yourself. Through her masterful use of sound and movement, Eden supports you to dive deeply within to release your inner light. I have had the great honor of having Eden help co-create many circles for women who are choosing to journey into the Priestess path and she brings such grace, love and humility to the work. I am deeply grateful to Eden for all that she brings to me and to all the women who are blessed to be in her presence."
Elayne Kalila Doughty
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Sound is Medicine
torkom ji
with Torkom Ji
""I along with my Wife have attended 4 sound healing workshops with Torkom Ji. The workshops were developed in partnership with other Yoga and meditation practitioners. The quality of organization and collaboration with the various practitioners was excellent and provided a new experience each session. My Wife and I both found the experience to be extremely beneficial and healing. We experienced a very traumatic event together and found the Sound Healing experience to help us heal and relax our bodies and minds in very powerful ways. The universality of the music and accessibility of the experience is truly unique and a wonderful way to relax from the stresses of life (and Los Angeles). I look forward to future events and have introduced friends to the experience, and heartily recommend the workshops to co-workers and friends. I can not recommend Torkom Ji enough, what he does is fantastic and very special.""
Steven and Lindsay Harrie