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"Sherryl sees and experiences your energetic matrix both within your body and through your external field. She corresponds with your Guidance system and those Beings around you who are expressing assistance for your Highest Good and Highest joy. With the ability to see the planet from far above, she is able to bring in information that projects out into your future. "
Joeaux Robey, SoulOPreneur
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"So much gratitude to Matt and ManTarA! My 1-1 session was so phenomenal; feel I can’t do justice with my words describing it. Matt was so loving, patience, kind, and sooo supportive. ManTarA Light language speaks to my Soul so profoundly that I “cried a river”, so much releasing & clearing, so many insights, immersed in infinite Love, and support from Above. What I also love about Matt and ManTarA, is that they lovingly help guide us back to our True Essence, who we REALLY are, and effortlessly abiding in the Heart space of allowance, peace, unconditional love, support, and trust where the concerns from our “list” are irrelevant. I also quickly had a lot of breakthroughs shortly after working with Matt & ManTarA that helped me become even a better healer, shining my Light even brighter, and feel empowered to make several more powerful healing MP3s for which before I was definitely not confident before since these MP3s topics were way out of my comfort zone. Also, before my 1-1 session, just after listening to 3 of Matt’s MP3 early in the day, that evening I spontaneously started to speak similar Light language. This never happened to me before and the experience was so healing, filled with overwhelming joy and gratitude."
Jenny Ngo, RN, CNM, Dimensional Healing
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"Dawn Crystal Maui is absolutely Awesome....her healing energy is Powerful!! Her Healing is instantaneous but it also continues to work & Move things out of your field hours & days later. If You suffer from Pain Dawn is the Healer to seek <3 She is going to very busy as her Medicine has no side-effects Only Benefits!! Thank-You Dawn Crystal You are a Gift straight from the Divine :) Many Blessings to You for the work you do!!!"
~ Destine
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Haraline Powersource
with Dipal Shah
"“Not sure how Dipal did it, but I am so amazed at the results. Definitely not what I expected in 1 session!! I have been dealing with Rosacea in my eye for years and was getting ready to go to the doctors in 2 days because it started up again. My rosacea flares up at times and when I met Dipal she could see that my eye was watering, stinging, red and I was in pain. I couldn't even open the eye. It was so hard for me to see. In one session with Dipal, the pain , watery eye, stinging, all went away. I could keep my eyes open and they were no longer irritated and red. I was so happy that I even cancelled my appointments with the physician. It has been a few months and still no sign of rosacea in my eye, that one session did the magic. If you have not tried Dipal’s work, I highly recommend her for anything that may be going on in your body. She has the power to transform your body within minutes.” "
~ Peter, Hotel owner
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"Shakti reaches into levels of super deep consciousness to connect with issues from childhood, relationships, past lives or whatever that are still lingering our life time presently-THEN- she transforms that crap so it doesn’t bleed over and continue to stop the flow of grace, happiness, abundance and joy. If you are ready to receive LIFE then invest in her. You’ll be glad you did."
Vanessa H ~ Washington
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""The call last night was amazing. The energy was strong and healing. I felt empowered and light this morning. My son mentioned that I look like I lost weight I attended my holiday party at work and got a lot of compliments that I looked so good not sure of it was make-up or if I was glowing with light I will take it either way. I thank you Niky Rey and the group. I can't wait for more!!!""
Tonya K.
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"Ironic, how at the end as you were leaving you thanked us for joining you and I was thinking, "THANK YOU for clearing us". Since the session as I've been walking around this afternoon, I keep picturing a big plant growing out of my belly button area. I sense that it will have flowers soon. Since you worked on our bellies, I'm taking that as a positive sign you pulled a lot of gunk out and now there is room (energetically) to grow and blossom. So thank you again!"
Kat Codinha