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""Lisa T is has a rare ability, really the gift, to connect, see and feel the gamma energy that is effecting all of us on a physical level and that also has many of us experiencing a new level of ascension that has created the ability for us to be able to experience alternate physical realities in our present time. This is huge!""
John Burgos, Host of Beyond The Ordinary ​Show
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Operate from Joy
with Nora Herold
"Dear Nora and Jon, I wanted you both to know how grateful I am to have access to your “Transformation of Pain” meditation. What a wonderful and powerful healing resource it has been as I move through an intense transitional period in my life. I have listened to the meditation countless times and each time I feel another layer of healing occur. It has assisted me greatly in deepening my connection to the darkest and most painful aspects of myself, aspects I had previously denied. The healing frequencies encoded within the music have activated deep cellular shifts, and at times, it’s as though the harmonics are literally shaking my body and soul awake. The compassion and devotion you have poured into this co-creation has provided so much comfort and relief especially in the moments when I have felt so profoundly alone in my pain. Sending you both much love and gratitude. I look forward to your next healing creation! Love,"
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"My personal healing experience with Vandana was was Miraculous Beyond Description. I’m personally prone to Kidney Stones, Cysts, and Kidney Inflammation that can be extremely painful. After a brief phone call and mini healing with Vandana. I was extremely impressed at how she ‘Spoke to my Kidneys’ gently asking them to Relax, along with energetically transforming them at the Cellular level to the point of regeneration where I was completely pain Free within 10 Minutes! As a holistic healer myself, I don’t prefer taking pills. I put the pain medication away and peacefully drifted off to sleep, knowing that I had truly been ‘Touched by an Angel ‘ in human form. Vandana is a rare gift to all who meet her."
Rebekah Renee; Metaphysical Healer, Speaker, Teacher, and Angelic Channel
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"Anamika, your words are like liquid flowing into me. I am beginning to understand the word ‘awakening’ as though I had been in a long deep sleep. I no longer feel isolated or separated. I feel the LOVE everywhere."
Roma Downey, Actress
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"“What I have found to be the biggest difference with playing this audio is an immense calming effect - in short "the calm amidst the storm." I found myself in a situation where I was surrounded by toxic people and it helped create a "bubble" of incredible sense of calm and relaxation. Interestingly enough, the "toxic people" stopped coming around!”"
Jen Burns
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Staying In Love
with Rory Kelly Connor
"I’m sitting here much bemused after a Soul Session with Rory – a combination of deep-process, soul-reading, and loving challenge that uncovered issues I’d only begun to edge toward in therapy…By the time we finished, I could see the foundations that needed to be laid for my dream to become possible…that I first needed to learn to love the Divine in myself. I deeply recommend Rory’s inspiring gift of helping the mind/body connect with the Soul and the inner Divine. Working with her is a gift of self-love, not to be missed."
Phila Hoopes, Baltimore-based
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Manifest Your Dreams
with Sara Landon
"Sara has the profound ability to get to the core of any situation and bring it back from chaos to wholeness and the essence of the truth that is illuminated by the only thing that matters; love. Whether in private session, reading her daily inspirations, or participating in her online courses, Sara’s work has been one of my main sources for my personal development since I met her. The shifts that I have personally experienced have been dramatically influenced by Sara’s and The Council’s capacity to hold and share the vibration of that which I also seek resonance with. Sara is a leader of leaders for the next generation of transformation!"
John Burgos
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30 Day Energetic Frequency Shift
with Mary Beth Vanderlinden
"I have purchased several of your packages through the summits and can’t believe one after another has been extraordinary. The healing that takes place from your meditations, frequency tracks, teachings and tools is just nothing short of amazing. When I think back to what my life was like, my health was like, my finances were like before working with you I can’t believe how far I have come and all the changes that have taken place. I truly cannot thank you enough for all you have done for me. Can’t wait for your next package to come out. "
Kathy, California
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"“Kathleen's wisdom and tips have dramatically transformed my life and given me the ability to create happiness in any experience and positively impact the lives of millions of people around the world. Her work is priceless in my mind and I would recommend this for anyone who simply desires more out of life. “"
Dolan Ramsay, Entrepreneur