Whisper Map: A Vision Quest + Magic

Whispering Magic Party with Megan & Jeneth

Every once in a while something changes my world and I just have to talk about it.

I’m hosted a masterclass that talks about 3 big shifts that clicked inside and got me excited to
make something new for you — for those that read regular posts — it’s the next expansion to WhisperMap.

More specifically…

We talked about Piglet portals, magic questions and how to create from the space of now times.

This is for you if you … often think … is it worth it?! Meaning all those little to do’s that seem necessary to bring your creation to the world.

Here’s a little more about Whispering Magic. (I will do an official webinar about the actual maps in a few weeks)

Did you fail the Franklin Covey planning system?

What if that old linear way of creating just doesn’t work for you? What if there’s another way to create your projects?

Introducing… the new possibility: Whispering Magic & Whisper Map

In order to grow my multi-six figure blog and business, I had to find and/or create a system that would work with my attention deficient mind and restless body. Well, I couldn’t find a system like that so I create one!

Learn your maps for your creator codes that get you playing again so you can be more creative and productive.

The Back Story

Are you truly creating your projects, plans and dreams in flow?

I am now, but didn’t used to!

When I left my corporate job 11 years ago, I was constantly overwhelmed, worried and stressed out! Maybe you can relate. I created from lack, fear and doubt — AND I knew there had to be a different possibility.

Listen to the Original Replay

This Is Not About Creating Through Being

This isn’t about creating a plan or getting your organized and focused, it’s about allowing you to KNOW you and how you create with agility and flow.

Join Jeneth (and co-creator Megan Sillito) for their course called Whispering Magic – now as a digital course. The course includes 11 mp3s to get your moving, acting and creating!

What Others Say About Jeneth’s Group Coaching Programs

What You Learn When You Use Whispering Magic System

  • How to love the progress.
  • How to question the outcome.
  • How to create art instead work from in a flow state.
  • How to filling up internally, so your message flow out.
  • How to know your creator code archetype.
  • How to fall in love with the consciousness that’s leading you.