Dr. Robin Saraswati: STOP Forcing, Be the FORCE and in Flow

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Have you ever tried to force inspiration? What if inspiration was your natural state? What if instead of forcing, you were the force of nature?


We often ‘try’ to balance our lives – multitasking, 24/7 lifestyles, technology swallowing us whole – but the price tag is high: decreased presence and stress. Under stress, blood supply is reduced and creativity is placed on hold.

That small trickle of true nourishment accelerates rejuvenation and creativity. Without healthy circulation, essential hormone ratio is lost and we feel even more stressed which leads to disconnected from self-love. Bottom line: You become uninspired and sluggish.

Fatigue, overwhelm, PMS, short orgasmic climax, weight gain, subfertility, and depression are common and women get used to feeling marginal.

In Chinese medicine, Rasa, means the sweet nectar and it’s often the key to rejuvenation an inspiration. Ready for more rasa?

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It’s time to amp up your creativity! Here’s where you can start


Learning to move not only our body, but our energy too offers doorways to greater mental focus, clarity, and creativity. Deep breathing and movement are clinically proven healing techniques that roll back the biological clock. Practicing movement as medicine returns the energy to it’s true nature.


Alternating sets of stimulation and relaxation tones and rewires the nervous system to become responsive and resilient. Brain regulation techniques release the body from a braced (Yang) expression and, combined with asana, kriya and pranayam, replenish (Yin) meridians and blood vessels that breathe life and blood flow back into the ovaries. The pelvic bowl is transformed into a verdant, life-giving rainforest for women of all life stages.


You are secreting hormones throughout your whole life and they rely on blood and energy flow. The overdoing that life often demands can change to a way of being that is more skillful and efficient when it is rooted in the Yin potency of the pause.

The vibrant river running through you is the portal for life-force. This doorway births all into being – an inspiration, a piece of music, a new version of yourself and allow in the possibilities. But it cannot be forced, it must be allowed.

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