JJ Virgin: Fast & Intense Healthy Living

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

I adore my friend, JJ Virgin, but she’s a wild one. I had the pleasure interviewing her before she went big time! She has researched and studied the best ways to amp up our metabolism. It’s fast, hot and intense — just the way creative living should be! Scroll down to listen to a unique interview on how to create a FAST metabolism by adding a little intensity.


For over 25 years, JJ has been helping people from all over look and feel better, get rid of cravings, and break through their weight loss resistance. When she discovered that many of the foods we consider to be “healthy” can actually stop you and I from losing weight — and even cause us to gain weight — she knew she had to do something. There were frustrated dieters everywhere eating these “healthy foods,” thinking they were just doomed to be overweight.

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