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For many many years I struggled with mental health from eating disorders, chronic depression and substance abuse.

Meditation, mindfulness and question-fulness are the healthy habits that saved me.  I started meditating by accident in yoga.

I walked into my first yoga class at age 25 ready for a healthy workout that would make me toned & fit. Little did I know the journey I was about to embark on. Now, I won’t go & say that meditation is the only thing that helped me; however, it was the foundation of my healing & STILL IS the cornerstone of my fulfillment & happiness.

The meditation practice provided me an opportunity to transform my life from one of self-destruction to self-fulfillment. Through meditation, I learned that we are not our thoughts. We get to choose which thoughts we want to accept & which ones we want to let go of. We can consciously construct our reality & perspective of the world.

There are many meditation styles that I use however, my go-to meditation practice is breathwork. Breath-work is a style of meditation that is ACCESSIBLE to everyone. Really! If you thought meditation wasn’t for you- it’s too hard, you don’t have time, you’re not sure if you’re doing it right – then breath-work meditation is your ANSWER. It’s meditation for people who ‘can’t’ meditate.

It is now my privilege to share this powerful tool with people & support them in becoming their most magical selves. I guide people through breath journeys & support them in creating a sustainable meditation practice.

Today I am going to share what meditation is & its benefits, why you want to try breath-work specifically & an EASY breath practice for ANXIETY.

Stress is something that plagues more people than we think. I used to have the perception that stress was a momentary thing, caused by something. I didn’t realize that stress can consume your life in a way that affects absolutely everything else around you. The older I get the more I see stress and anxiety apparent in other people’s lives as well, leading me to believe stress is a huge issue. This may sound bad but sometimes I take comfort in the fact that others stress out, too. It makes me feel less of a hot mess to know I’m not alone. Does anyone else feel like that sometimes?

Often times stress causes me to sleep terribly, have awful repetitive dreams (often relating to what I’m stressed about), and find my overall demeanor to be shaky and on edge. Is anyone familiar with that tight feeling in the pit of your stomach? Or how about a tense body? Or what about holding your breath and not realizing it? These side effects are my anxiety.

Sometimes I don’t even know I’m stressing out until I notice some of these physical side effects. It’s scary, really, because if I’m stressed subconsciously it makes me feel like I cannot control it. The thing that bothers me the most about being stressed is the fact that sometimes it’s something so small, so insignificant that I wish my body / mind wouldn’t allow it to affect me. The one positive I see in all of this is the fact that I’m aware of my stresses and anxiety. Even if it takes me a minute to realize it, I make a conscious effort to control it and stop it.

See below for how I handle my stress and anxiety.

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