Steel Straws with Bendable Silicone Tops : Let’s Save the Planet!

steel straws

If you haven’t tried steel straws with silicone, you haven’t REALLY lived!

They ARE just that great 😉

Especially when you want a straw, but don’t want that plastic waste! YUCK!


I feel a full post on straws is important, it’s yet another area of waste — or shall I say a WASTED moment.  After reading this post you will be checking out on Amazon faster than I can say…. AMAZON 🙂

I use steel straws and steel cups every damn day and NO this is not sponsored. You know this if you hang out with me on Instagram stories ( @jenethblackert ).

Ok, let’s get back on track: STEEL STRAWS.

Not just any straw but clean steel straws.

These straws can go in any drink, but you may want to leave it out of your hot coffee – YUCK!


♡ It preserves the whiteness of your teeth.

♡ If you make a leafy green drink! No more little leafs stuck in your teeth!

♡ Drinking out of a can!  If you have a Diet Coke AT LEAST use a perfect straw 🙂

♡ Acidic things like lemon & apple cider vinegar tend to yellow the teeth – use a straw.

♡ More importantly if you like drinking margarita’s with a straw, try one that doesn’t cause waste!

I know I joke, but please let this be a reminder to ditch single-use cups, straws and utensils! It’s time to start challenging ourselves to eliminate single-use packaging.


Steel Straws with silicone tips are BPA & lead-free. Normally plastic straws are full of BPA which are filled with nasty un-natural chemicals.

+ high quality, non plastic, 100% food grade
+ Silicone tips so they are soft and won’t chip your teeth — if you are on a wavy yacht ride 😉
+ non-toxic, non-leaching, and stain resistant

As far as cleaning goes, you can wash them in the dish washer or by hand with a straw cleaner.

Once you go steel or steel + silicone, you’ll never go back to plastic again.

They are just $9.95 for a 3 or 5 pack on Klean Kanteen

+ glass straws are also GREAT but they can break and be hard on your teeth. 

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