How to Make Alcoholic Kombucha From Homemade Kombucha Tea & Yeast Bought on Amazon

alcoholic kombucha homemade

I love Kombucha and the health benefits are phenomenal!!!

I drink it every day and have been for several years. It doesn’t matter if it’s store bought or homemade… I just love the taste and how it makes my body feel!!!!

Not only do I love kombucha, but I also make it as a cocktail with up to 6% ABV. It’s CRAZY easy!  Here’s my tried, true and real raw how to!


FIRST, if you’ve a kombucha drink, you may have noticed the FLOATERS!  That’s from the mushroom-like blob called a SCOBY — which stands for S.ymbiotic C.olony O.f B.acteria and Y.east. The SCOBY is the culture required to make kombucha tea.

There are many different strains of kombucha cultures.


First, not all kombuchas contain the exact same strains of SCOBY bacteria and yeasts, but they all generally have the same benefits, which are:

1. Detoxification.

2. Joint care / inflammation.

3. Aid in digestion and gut health — which is also a benefit of ginger.

4. Replaces your alcoholic treat.

5. Helps with constipation ( fun shit– literally ).

6. Amps immune system — which is also a benefit of lemon.

7. Aids in liver function.

8. I’ve also heard it also helps with candida (less with the alcoholic version.)

How to Make ALCOHOLIC Kombucha!

1: Make a regular kombucha tea first using a basic kombucha recipe + increasing the amount of sugar by about 50 percent! Allow 9-10 days to get your first brew complete.

2: After first kombucha tea brew create your yeast-sugar mixture: Bring the 1 cup water to a boil and stir into 1 sugar until dissolved. When the liquid has cooled so that it is still warm but not hot, add 1/3 teaspoon of the champagne yeast. When the yeast is fully hydrated and ready to use, it will be a little bubbly. If your yeast is not bubbly, it is not good and will not ferment the kombucha alcohol.

3: Pour the yeast/sugar water into the already made kombucha tea and then put into an k airlock container.

4: You can use a hydrometer to check the level of residual sugars, if you are not sure that fermentation has completely stopped. The hydrometer should show a reading of less than 1.

5: Siphon the kombucha alcoholic tea into clean bottles, leaving the sediment at the bottom of your brewing container.

6: Seal the bottles with caps or flip-top lids in a cold location for 3 weeks, depending on the flavor you’re looking for.

Let me know how it goes for you!

xo jeneth


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