Annam: A Vibrational WORD Transmission

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Annam is known in some traditions as a close, or final teacher. She mentors you who are ready to commit to a life of grand purpose. She helps you enter the Gate of Oneness, that you may realize and use the unique Gifts of True Nature. She activates your learning skill, that you may align to the Unity Field, and access True Instruction for all areas of life.

(One of several meanings of ‘annam’ is gift.)

Annam is a master, an awakened mystic. She offers Truth in a way that opens a major Gate —a Gate where Light no longer pales, and Love moves you from stagnation to fullness of Being.

Annam sees to the ending of identity snares, and gathers you into alignment and integration with your natural Beingness. If you are ready to peer through the illusion into oneness, she will help you find your Core —the Ecstatic Presence. You!

What illusions of limitations are you making true that are not true? What if that awareness is all that’s required to take you into ecstatic being?

In this conversation with Annam and Jeneth Blackert, you will activate a frequency that shatters illusion.

As they lead you into an Attunement that brings your real Current into play, the burst of awe will open you, enhance you, and engage you in a Field of Love whose far-reaching harmony shall have world effect.

About Annam

From age 7, Annam was aware of divine Presence. ‘Word’ (divine Love in telepathic connection) began to impart wisdom, courage, inner simplicity, and love. Stage by stage, Prescient Light was unveiling, drawing her into the physics of Unity, all the while calling for wisdom awareness to thrive. At 17, a profound spiritual quickening began a God-centered life of continual study and service. At 23, the ‘Lid’ was taken off and Unity connection began. Many decades later, the growth of consciousness continues. The Word is Unveiled.

Annam is the teacher-in-residence at The HeartGate, a consciousness study and residential Facilité ( Facilité: ‘to make easy’). Students come for both personal and group study; some in longer term residential stays.

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Working directly with an awakened mystic is very unusual; you actually will not notice all that is happening. Yet, if one appears when you’re ready for a true next step, welcome the option to ‘give it a Go!’

Annam (Elle Collier Re) is a force of Love. As she attunes to supply Words coming from That Which Is SO, you will feel the room shift. A profound catalyst, and an ally who helps sort out mysteries, Annam will give keys to your own holy wisdom — your GodSense.
Your part? Simply arrive in an uncluttered simplicity — a ‘beginner’s mind’.

In another’s words: “Through your support, I now have an incredible freedom — a wonderful radiance is everywhere! Unlike other peak experiences, this one is more simple, and permanent in the sense that understanding, solution and the awareness of wholeness remain, even when mind intrudes. Thank you!!” – michael r. (non-dual teacher)


Elle Collier Re (‘Annam’ to students) is what is known in some traditions as a close, or final, teacher. She mentors students who are ready to commit to a life of magnitude through realizing the unique gifts of their True Nature. Her teachings support students in fulfilling their personal dharma while learning to stay attuned to the sacred —often called, Unity Field— accessing Vital Instruction into all areas of their lives.

Annam is an authentically awake teacher. Her mentoring and energetic support bring about the transition into a powerful and straightforward life as the essential Self. The main message is that Love is the Decree; Its nature is from sublime wholism. The mentoring focusses on how to realize true good as the embodied clarity of right act… and true usefulness as the Expression of Love.

Annam speaks in unusual multi-meanings and word usages.
In her words: “I receive an overlay of Vibrant Answer. It comes as a multi-Hued Presence, and distills into English words through a non-linear and non-species oriented manner.”


Using exact words, Annam supplies keys to the multi-layered subjects of earth and soul.
She draws you into a state of unity awareness, where time and logic ease.
It’s not noisy there, just vitally interactive, and full of solutions.
Annam awakened to Unity consciousness in 1969.
You will find her accessible and joyful. And very bright.


Annam is a bridge between you —as connective awareness— and Love’s extraordinarily practical nature. She deftly gathers all together like precious gems on the invisible magnet of affinities, and plays the Light Soundings of SAID —aka, What IS Law— through the specified Frequencies of our words.
And that’s just the sum of it (she winks).


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