So I’m Back from a 3 Day Access Consciousness Body Class …

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access consciousness body class

I’ve alluded to the fact that the foundations of many of my digital personal mastery programs are from the tools of Access Consciousness, the time has officially come to tell you… I’m taking the leap and will be heading to Italy in March to become a certified Access Consciousness facilitator. My first Access Foundation course will be at my beach house in Texas the first weekend of May 5-8.

I will be bringing you along for the entire experience. We will even been opening a behind the scenes secret oneness group.

So what is Access Consciousness anyway?

Well, per definition. “The aim of Access Consciousness is to create a world of consciousness and oneness. Consciousness is the ability to be present in your life in every moment, without judgment of you or anyone else.”

And for me it’s so much more than that… let’s just say… it’s given me a spaciousness that I didn’t even know existed.

What are other reasons people choose Access Consciousness?

Well, there are a ton. If you are experience sluggish, depressed, unmotivated, self-abuse, difficulty in any area of the body or you just want orgasmic living… Access Consciousness is a great thing to choose. I did an interview with Access Consciousness co-founder, Dr. Dain Heer… ” target=”_blank”>here and here.

3-Day Access Consciousness Body Class: The Juicy Deets

Beautiful loves! I have been pondering how to write about my Access experience in full and be able to give you the energetic juice too — as it’s a deliciousness beyond words. I’M GIVING IT A GO!

The class started last Saturday and I made a choice to take it all in with no preconceived ideas. Now, the is my second Body Class so I had some idea what I was in for. (My first one was with the amazing Kass Thomas… her interview with me is here.)

I also know I have the tendency to NOT acknowledge the magic (even though I see it… oops!). I mean … really … how can a person putting hands on you for an hour to remove things like mimicry of our parents. And then the magic happens and you respond differently to the world and you are like OH! COOl!

Day 1: Head. Trip. Indecisiveness. And More Head Tripping.

When we started the class with a body process called “Instilling Chaos” my resistance (although less) started up again. You wouldn’t think one would resist a process that ‘restores the body with its natural state of being instead of the impelled orders we require of it.’ Leave it to me to resist!

During this process, it brought up some internal frustration around why I haven’t shared my quest of consciousness with more people on this blog. Am I lazy? Am I hiding? If not, is this? Why wouldn’t I take the time to let the world in on this journey – with and through me?

What I found was simple.

Yes! I love to LOOK at making a change… yup, LOOK at it… and LOOK at it, before I choose it. Maybe it’s because I’m a Libra and need to look at both sides or from Missouri, the SHOW ME State – but I want to make sure that I’m making the RIGHT decision, before I ruin my life.

In other words, I will say I’m choosing something, but I don’t really choose it. I leave a back door open – and escape route if you will. When it comes to investing I will literally wait until the last minute. I guess this is why… last chance offers work so well in sales! Truth is if I’m not told to make a decision, I just won’t make one. AUGH! And I realize my mom was the same way!

Well, this is changing, my friends!

Truth is … under that I also found a ton of dumb “reasons” why not to choose it — even though I know it’s my path. For example, “Maybe no one will read it. Maybe no one will see the magic. Maybe it will just be a big waste of time and effort.”

When I say them out loud I know they aren’t true and just reasons to stop me. YAY ME!

I’m flipping it! What if thousand read it, see the magic and it changes a lot of lives! This feels a lot lighter than giving myself endless excuses as why I can’t.

THE SOLUTION TO DILEMMA: What You Say You Want But Just Won’t Choose!

Day 2: Wowzers, I ACTUALLY Am Intuitive

One of the things we do in this class is ask our partner’s body what process it would like to receive. Something that I actually wasn’t sure I was doing correctly.

Now, I was confident that she could do this fine as she choose, “Evocation of Death” << which is about removing your resistance to death and dying.

So, I asked and got a process to run on her, but when I read about it; It said to start on the area of the body that has pain. Since she was like 25 I decided to pick another one. When I told her what it was she said, “No,” but I’m curious about HEPADS — which was the one I rejected. Ooops!

Well, this one is easy to change! From now on I will trust my intuition in this area!

I left day two having two processes run on my body. Invocation of Death which to me is really more about living and another one called, Anaphylactic Shock and Quadrate of Laxation which helps for both over used muscles and

At the end of the day I felt a sense of renewal. YAY!

Day 3: The Day Of Surrender

I went to class on day three ready to play. The first process I had run was Mimetric mimicry of other people’s reality.
and then one called Orders of Schematics. And by day three, I don’t really care what they do or what they mean, I just want more!

I left the class and headed to our vacation home with a renewed ease and playfulness.

And then I was seven miles from the house and got a ticket for speeding! Oh well and oh yes… there are rules to follow in this reality!