3 Tricks I Use to Keep My Cluttered Mind Clear

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
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Because of our revolutionary mapping program, many of you have asked how I plan and more specifically organize flow of possibilities on my calendar.

To be completely real, raw and utterly honest, I allow my whispers to rule and my calendar to act as an intimate partner of oneness. I’m specific, obnoxious, and a bit sloppy. I’m a TOTAL rebel! I allow the intuitive whispers to guide me in the moment and inform my future.

I go with the flow, literally. I wake up. I do a million things in no particular order, but they all lead to more greatness. I follow what feels light. Here are the three keys that allow this to work!

3 Masters to Creative Mapping

When I began growing the Real Raw YOU brand I knew it would require a solid foundation with some nurturing to sprout the seeds my brand (and I) desired. It was time from a real GIRL BOSS calendar.

If I wanted to co-create this with consciousness I couldn’t f*ck around anymore. I would have to allow the 3 masters (desire, clarity, and genius) to be show me the way.

Key 1: Desire.  You have to trust your inner knower and what you are being called to choose.

Key 2: Clarity. You have to choose and commit to your life.  Once you do this clarity will find you

Key 3: Be Your Greatness.  You have to go courageously, confidently, and live and be the greatness of what you actually are — but sometimes pretend you aren’t.

Creating life, business, programs and even hobbies on these 3 keys is a game-changer. I know what happens when you try to keep things in your head! You miss important things! You think if it’s not written down you are free, but are you really? I have most definitely done that more than once!

So YES for intuitive BAD ASS business growth to work for me I had to commit to my 3 gods and a productivity planner! If you desire to grow any idea or project, spend an hour a week creating your planner from your intuitive whispers.

Now, every morning before I start my day, I pull up Google Calendar & whisper planner which includes random inspired ideas and choose what the day could include that would create both joy and growth. Then I can allow it to lead me through the whole day.

This calendar tells me the whens, whats and whys. From talking on the phone, to posting social media, broadcast emails, JV partners, video and photo shooting and posts, to team meetings and behind the scenes at the Life Design School. It even includes things like making another appointment to see an acupuncturist or a masseuse. Most plans are in my Google calendar which I use in combination with Trello and a Journal that including whispering ideas. Things are added when they come up, but the things I am most driven to create are added first. For example, live events whether I’m hosting or attending are put in there first. I don’t want to miss an incredible yoga retreat or Access Consciousness event.

It’s important to note that writing barefoot (meaning with a pen) is a huge component to anyone’s success! Your random mind chaos is often inspiration! And that creativity changes everything.

Growing & Asking

I recently hired a personal assistant who coordinates every last detail. This allowed me to focus on the new creations instead of the day to day have to’s.

She helps me take the big energetic idea of target map as we call it and uncover the strategic actions required to create it.

Say you want to launch a product in October. When you add the steps in
your calendar you create it with greater ease.

I’d love to hear from you. What calendar/planning tips do you use? I would love to have other ideas for this blog. Thoughts?

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Ok, I’m off to watch Mistresses.

Chat soon, Jeneth xo