Disney World & Being the Magic

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

I’ve joked on Instagram, that I just spent the last ten days in the Kingdom of Magic and the last three with a live stream on from Access Consciousness Choice of Possibilities with Dr. Dain Heer. (Who’s Dain? Listen to my interview)

I woke up this morning feeling very out of sorts. I went from a ton of nonstop excitement to my daily business. As much as I love my business, growing a business and developing new programs — its just not as fun as Disney World. So, I thought I’d spend today sharing the adventure with you and some of my big transformational questions.

On the first day we went to Epcot and rode Spaceship Earth at then end of that ride they ask you question and sort-of show you a big life vision. So, as I followed the energy, over the course of a week I came up this some kick-ass empowering questions for you.

Here are those 5 Questions

#1 How much magic is in your life that you aren’t acknowledging?

magic kingdom disney
Acknowledge what is in each moment without a story that you tell, you are you. Oh, and by the way you are more like a Lamborghini, you just haven’t acknowledge it.

#2 What if you never were LOSING or WINNING? Would you be living more or less?

marathon medals
Outcomes, goals & expectations can hurt when they seem to be too much effort than they are worth — like waiting two hours for the Dwarf ride!

But running 48.6 miles in four days and getting a finisher medal each day is totally worth it! Actually forget the medal, the accomplish alone is amazing.

#3 What are you waiting for?

transformational magic
Inspired by the Disney lines. I realized I’d wait for a “thrill” especially when I saw myself getting closer. I’m sure my daughter would agree … seeing the Little Mermaid was amazing.

#4 What magic are you stopping yourself from choosing?

bathroom selfie

If it’s true that you must choose differently to have a different life, what aren’t you choosing? Apparently I wasn’t choosing bathroom selfies… okay you can stop laughing now. The only day I wore a cute dress just happened to be the same day we went to a high end restaurant and the bathroom flowers matched me — I couldn’t resist… and the response on Instagram was insane!

#5 What is required now?

getting fit 2017
My son is very in tune with his body and often reminded us to stop, stretch and take a breath. He has reminder set on his iPhone / iWatch to check in with his body. I use Simple Reminder … it’s a free app.

So now back to work. You should see my Google Calendar! It’s all colorful like unicorns and rainbows. I’m so excited to take you on this journey which will soon start with some new fun interviews — and oh my goodness did you see what was new on the event calendar?