Tellman Knudson: Get Hypnotized Wealthy

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
tellman Knudson

Can you boost your profit return in your business in under 28 minutes? Maybe not, but you can change how you think and act to create a faster rate of return.

That’s exactly what my friend Tellman, celebrated hypnotist and marketer, does for his clients. I met him just a few years ago when I launched the New Wealth Experience campaign. After a colleague introduced us, I was completely fascinated with his methodology of using hypnotism to work mindset magic and create big wealth for his clients.

He is a game changer for any serious entrepreneur. Tellman can turn a “blah” list into a loyal, lucrative following fast, and uncover the unused profit points already in your business.

Today, we’ll talk about how he mentors entrepreneurs into money-making mindset through hypnotism. In this session, you’ll discover how to morph your energy to be and create wealth in 28 minutes or less.

About Our Speaker

I am Tellman Knudson, master hypnotist and barefoot runner, known as the Email Marketing and “Listbuilding King” in the world of online marketing.

For the past 10 years I have used Listbuilding, Email Marketing and Mindset Magic to coach entrepreneurs at all levels ‑ from startups to multi‑millionaires ‑ how to build and activate their email lists, build a loyal and lucrative following, and find hidden profit centers in their existing businesses.

I’ve helped guys in their mom’s basement start their first internet companies…and I’ve been flown around the world at $25,000 a day to advise entrepreneurs on how to use my particular brand of profit‑activating magic.

Today, at the “old age” of 38, I am focusing exclusively on helping high‑level entrepreneurs who want to grow and monetize their email lists, take their already successful businesses to the next level, and use the exponential growth you’ll achieve with my help to do great things in the world…as well as experiencing the undeniable perks of being a multi‑millionaire.

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