Julie Renee Doering: Learn the Quantum Healing with Pleasure

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If you are like me, then you probably keep a stack a self-development books, your iTunes is filled with leaders that talk about personal freedom, and you’ve visited a few amazing blogs (like the Real Raw YOU) and you’ve probably even gone to a few retreats to expand your capacities, your body or your business.

YAY for these change agents to help make you feel better, do better or be better.

For me, life is about desire and pleasure. It’s about sensating in the pleasure of all things from simple conversations to yoga, intense masterminds and a simple hug or kiss.

So when I learned about the quantum pleasure pump and the dynamic 5th dimensional frequencies that came with it I was beyond words — as you’ll see in this video.

Join me in this profound “quantum” conversation with Julie Renee Doering.

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Can this quantum pleasure pump heal major diseases? Before you come to any conclusions, listen to this amazing frequency intense healing call with Julie Renee Doering.

After surviving atomic bomb testing in childhood, Julie Renee was a victim of several different cancers. She had 17 surgeries and a decade of radiation. Her doctors told her she would never walk without a cane.

One day, when she was beyond frustrated with the hell she was living, she went into the garden to pray and had a spiritual experience that would change her life forever. After asking God to show her about health and healing, she saw the his face and felt pulsing in her hands. From then on, she practiced chanting and meditating in the garden every day.

Soon after, her doctors were completely blown away by the physical healing occurring within her. Today, she’s living a healthy, active life and leads a career as a transformational health coach. She wants to share the secrets she received that day in the garden.

In this Real Raw Life Coaching Podcast Episode, You Learn:

– What your master cell is, and what it has to do with healing physical injury
– How eliminating demonic energy can bring you to a sense of joy and peace
– How to clear limitations from your cellular body
– What Quantum Healing is and how it can help you
…you’ll even witness a real activation from one of the audience members on the call!

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Julie Renee’s exclusive special offer , the 100% You Formula, will show you how to get you.

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