FUN! How To Get Into Your ‘Woke States’ (and acro-yoga)

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Flow, also known as The Zone (I call it Being Woke), is the state of being in which when a person is fully immersed in an activity.

For me, there are a some things that are JUST SO MUCH FUN that it energizes my focus enough to be full involvement, present and enthused. And because of those I’m finding so many more!  Hopefully one day everything will be just, SO MUCH FUN!

jeneth acro yoga
Truth is… I was recently in an Access Consciousness class (which is the practice I use to continue to wake up) where I was asked about FUN!  I started to look at when my life became less fun. It used to be all about PLAY. … from how I crafted my business, wrote my books to acro & paddle board yoga.

So, I started to question… what changed? when did that change? did i decide something? did i conclude something about me?

It woke me up exploring adventure and play to create flow-like (WOKE) states that will continue into our practices as entrepreneurs from the energetics of creation to communication of the message.

As the pieces reveal themselves I will tell you more.

I would like to offer gratitude to some of the teachers before me on this journey. First, Dr. Dain Heer of Access Consciousness ~ that’s for the awareness that I stopped playing and having fun.

And my new friends and acroyoga teachers featured in this post: Vero & Taylor Zork at

And thanks to Sukha Yoga in Austin, Texas for hosting! Mwah!

suhka yoga austin

We have already planned a live event on Mustang Island this November. The “get on the list” page is at:

My invitation to you is to Be Woke.