How to Love YOU & Your Body Unconditionally

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
How to have unconditional love for your body

It wasn’t until three years ago that I stopped fighting my body. I was the queen of self-judgment. I fought the weight, the food, and even my complexion.

As my life coaching practice grew I became intensely aware of how useless self judgment was and at that time I made a decision to stop judgement (including conclusion) in all areas of life.

I find people often make the switch in their diet, or a version such as Raw or Vegan, for all kinds of reasons: Weight loss, health, healing, or because it’s the fad de jour. Whatever the reason, I find they often conclude some wrongness that must be changed.

Now, I love healthy change and I’m all for making choices, but when it’s done out of judgement I’m not a fan.

After years of doing this body fight and diet fad de jour, I stopped judging my body and I started the ‘ask my body’ diet… and that’s why it seems that I eat raw Paleo. This is the kind of food my body chose for me — and if it wants cheese or whatever I trust that my body is asking for something in these other foods.

Can you really… Ask Your Body?

Here’s how this communication started for me and it’s worked great for my clients.

After finishing a unique ‘reset’ diet with only high-quality primal foods, I started adding my other food choices – high-quality breads and delicious cheeses – back into my diet, I found my body reacted and became inflamed when I ate certain food. Items such as grains, sugars, processed foods, some dairy, and many legumes caused subtle reactions like tongue swelling, gas, less sustained energy and clarity.

So, I started to ask my body about the foods before I ate them.

The changes that occurred were phenomenal. It literally ‘reset’ my metabolism, my emotions, my consciousness and the liquidity in my body. Some would argue that it was solely from the food changes; however, I would say it was a combination of the food, how I loved my food, and how I loved myself.

The first change I noticed was in my sleeping patterns. I went from restless all night and tired in the morning to sound asleep at night and wide awake in the morning. Following my sleep changes, people started talking about my skin and its glow. The list goes on and on…

The only thing that really mattered to me is that I became deeply happy with me and the way I felt in my body, and ultimately created unconditional love for myself.

The (You can make this change too and with me.  Here’s the invitation to our SOAR: 10-days to fly starter program.)

Step 1: Remove all of your preconceived conclusions about what you should or should not eat, how you should or should not eat it, and even the quantity, quality and price of what you eat.

Step 2: Ask your body (like a precious puppy) this question: Body, what would you like to ingest and digest? I use the words ‘ingest’ and ‘digest’ because sometimes your body isn’t really hungry, yet it ‘hungers’ for something; sometimes that ‘hunger’ is a desire other than food.

Step 3: Notice, receive, perceive and choose.