Clear The Chatter | Part I

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
Get back on your dream path

Zen Buddhists referred to the constant chatter in the mind as monkey mind. They taught practices to tame those monkey through meditation.

Many of us are waiting … waiting for …  well we don’t know exactly what we are waiting for. But I like to believe we all have a ‘better life’ inside, yet it can seem like it’s not going well really for 2 reasons:




When I ask students, what do you desire to have in 3-5 years they can usually answer me?

It’s easy… it’s their dream.

But it’s a little harder from them to answer the question, what do you desire receive, do, choose today?

And even harder for them to answer.

* What are you willing to fight to have?
* What are you willing to struggle for?
* What are you committed to be and have?

Sometimes in order to HAVE it all, we have to shift how we feel about the PROCESS and PROGRESS to receive what we are asking for.


Tweet: “You can’t win if you don’t play.” #quote #inspiration @realrawyou

NOTE: I’m only writing this to open the door for more awareness so you can decide what the game is and what game you are ready to play.

QUESTION 1: What else may come along with that BIG dream you are creating?

If your big dream target is that beautiful million dollar home on the hill, then you have to be willing to draw back your arrow with infinite possibilities. Among those possibilities may include the experience of being out-of-your-comfort-zone, taking risky moves and receiving a lot of rejection. If you aren’t willing to draw the arrow back with all those edgy possibilities, then you probably aren’t willing to receive the home.

Now, there are also those of you that won’t even pick up the arrow because you assume it won’t be possible or that you will risk too much. But, maybe, it’s time to pick it up and see if you really are willing.

QUESTION 2: What may you being avoiding that’s stopping this creation?

What is the fight? What is the struggle? What is progress? What aren’t you aware of that you believe you don’t want?

Let’s look at this for a minute. If you try something and conclude it didn’t work and then you do something like it again and it still didn’t turn out, do you call that “STRUGGLE?” Do you label that “FAILURE?” Maybe you label it as, “I’m a FAILURE.”

What ever label you put on it creates an artificial belief system that you are conditioning your brain to re-create.

It’s also an optional internal feeling. Buddha called this the second arrow.

So my question to you is, “Do you enjoy the ‘STRUGGLE’?”

Is the joy of the struggle what makes it worth the journey? If you didn’t struggle would the result still be worth having?

QUESTION 3: What if you just want to want it and don’t want to quit?

If you find yourself wanting something year after year, yet nothing changes, then maybe you want to want. Perhaps what you enjoy is wanting. Subconsciously, you then feel you can’t lose the game you’ve never started playing.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with …
1. Wanting the fantasy and living in fantasy.
2. Struggle and labeling it that.

But here’s the thing…

Maybe reading this will help you see that what you thought you wanted, you really didn’t.

Or maybe that you do desire the other energies (maybe pains or struggles) that go along with your big dream.

Or maybe it will help you play with it all in the moment. What do you love about the big dream? What do you love about wanting it? What do you wish the process, progress, journey and quest to be?

Oh, yes, so what’s one weird mind trick. Allow the quest to be your lover. Dance with the energies. Engage in the infinite possibilities. Play this chaotic game called life.



P.S. Why is this so dear to me? Have you heard my #struggle story?
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OH AND THIS … Because you were meant to create with ease.