Playing the Social Game with Cory Michelle

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
cory michelle johnson

I’ve had the honor of watching Cory Michelle grow from a space of dis-empowerment and debt to a women out changing the world.

The way she plays and creates with social influence is phenomenal. In this conversation, we talk about how she’s grown a massive Facebook Group called, The Crazy Possible Experiment where people come and share their “crazy possible” experiments.

And a whole lot more!



More about Cory : in her own words.

I’m Cory Michelle Johnson, Certified Access Consciousness Facilitator, radio show host, best-selling author, world renowned public speaker, sought after Life Strategist and Universal Movement Creator with business, money, unicorns, bodies and relationships.

Just over 5 years ago that was me above and through the exploration of the tools of Access Consciousness my debt load of $150,000 dissipated, I wake magically happy, knowing that I can create anything for my life.

I’ve been empowering people and businesses for just over 15 years, optimizing happiness and creating the most juicy, desirous life for those who will choose it. With intuitive laser facilitation, I waste no time in getting to the root of any issue. The tools, methods and techniques I use are fast, effective and they work.