Courage: How to Quit Second Guessing Forever

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
courage overcoming doubt

I make no apologies for seeing others’ beauty and adoring them for their quirky false fears 😉

* * * * *

Somewhere along the way, we have become afraid of our light. We have lost the courage to be the beautiful uniqueness of ourselves and instead we’re playing by all the rules so we won’t stand out and be our light.

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I wonder. Maybe something would be destroyed. Maybe this destruction would allow greatness to be created? Maybe?

I wonder. Who taught you to be normal and like everyone else? For me: It was my peers in school.

I wonder. Did you take on their lack of courage? What if that never happened… then who would you be?

I wonder. What spark of courage can be awakened today? What will it take for you to say yes to you?

I call this being a YES. It’s about courageously choosing for you despite other people’s beliefs or limitations.

Being a yes doesn’t mean you have to say yes to others or choose something that’s not true for you. It means when your little dragon of self-doubt or lack of confidence creeps you tell it to go, so you can trust your inner Knower.

“Yes is an energetic place. When you’re coming from this energy, it alters and impacts the way you see yourself, your life, your thoughts, and your feelings. It shapes your actions right here in the present moment.” ~ Baron Baptiste

When you are a yes, you give it your all and you are all in. Even when you don’t reach your so called goal, you keep going. You are committed to the dream.

When you’re being a no, and you still choose something with the dragon of self-doubt or second guessing, your work can’t your greatest masterpiece. Why? Because the greatness of you has been absent in the creation.

Your Greatness + Dream = Great Dream Actualized
Your Self-Doubt + Dream = Not-So-Great Accomplishment

Literally, when your greatness isn’t contributing to your projects, your projects, creations, your effort shows up not-so-great. Everything in life matches resonant frequencies 🙂

Where are you using ‘self doubt’ or ‘second guessing’ dragons to keep your greatness from shining?

Have a beautiful day (filled with clarity, certainty, greatness and your YES)!