Do You Have A Scary-Crazy Dream?

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Get Scared. Get Happy. An article by Jeneth Blackert for Real Raw You

What’s your scary-crazy dream?

I often talk about playing full out, but first we need to get that silly comfort zone out of the way! Then our beautiful creative flow will take over!

From the research in Rise of Superman, we know that when you’re in flow you connect to your body like you never have before. You’re focused, feeling great, and clear on what to choose. Your actions merge with the moment and you literally change your brain neurology with these shifts of adrenaline and endorphins.

Which I personally think is very cool!

There are two kinds of flow.

Extreme Flow.

The first is induced while adapting to an extreme situation. If you’ve heard of mothers who have lifted vans off of their children, you’ve know what extreme flow. It’s a burst of heightened physical strength, lightening-fast problem solving, and energy that can last no longer than 20 minutes.

An Example of Extreme Flow

In short, this type of flow state is when people push themselves to the limit to reach this level of nirvana. Steven Kotler, founder of the Flow Genome Project, explains the concept of using extreme sports to induce flow in his book, The Rise of Superman. Extreme surfers and mountain climbers enter this flow-state when they’re performing because they’re forced to focus and relate to their body on a level they wouldn’t need to in everyday life: it’s do or die.

The term “adrenaline junky” even refers to this quest for flow. Gambling, Motocross racing, shark diving, and other tasks produce the same addictive, mood-boosting influx of adrenaline. In these high-stakes, sometimes life-or-death type of situations, the body and mind must enter flow in order to survive.

An example of Creative Flow.Creative Flow.

There’s also a more sustainable way to access a state of flow.

As you may be aware, I developed Real Raw You to help people access this personal frequency via a different type of flow.

It’s called creative flow, and it’s a sustainable way to live in a superhuman flow state. Rather than being induced by panic or a flight-or-fight response to create this magic, it’s possible you can transition into by simply asking!

Asking the body, being and consciousness is just the start to allowing this possibility to be you.  It’s possible to live in this state.

After ten years of working as a conscious body & being facilitator and living the tools of Access Consciousness, I’ve created my own methodology to achieve this. It’s called, Quest, and it’s about inducing creative flow and maintaining it.

It’s about being the flow itself — being one with your body and totally out of your comfort zone. It’s a highly individualized flow state one meant to release Theta and Gamma brain waves and boost your productivity beyond what you thought was possible in this life.

In a nutshell, Quest was developed for one reason and one reason only: to get you in this incredible flow state, and give you the tools you need to access it anytime.

Let me know if you are curious in a deeper conversation.