How to Cure A Yeast Infection Naturally At Home

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yin yeast care

Hey guys… well, I made it through forty years of my life before I had a yeast infection! I blamed my newly awesomeness treat whiskey.

Anyway, I shared in the video below my journey with it and my troubles getting it healed. And now, thank goodness, it’s been absent for over a year. During that year, I’ve been sharing this remedy with clients and friends!  I hope it helps you too.

Drum roll!  YES! I finally found the bio-hack cure for annoying yeast infections! I’m not a fan of medicine, so I found a way you can cure and kill that yeast naturally with a few AWESOME products while at home.

The journey to finding this Chinese Medicine gem came from my amazing acupuncturist, Jennifer Stang (you may remember her from this previous post)! Anyway, she recommended
Yin-Care and some herbs – that worked!  Now, I use these three products — all ‘Real’ products you can get on Amazon!

So, here’s the natural and homeopathic cure my friends!  Let me know if your results on my latest IG post.

Here’s the protocol: Two of the products (tea tree & yin care) are used vaginally and the other one (oregano oil) is meant to be taken by the mouth. The video below explains it in detail.

1. Tea Tree Essential Oil

NOW essential oil: Tea Tree

NOTE: If your yeast infection feels painful all the time this will burn so start with one-two drops of the tea tree oil morning and night. However, I’ve done as many as five to six droppers to nip the infection in the butt.

Prescription: You can apply the oil with coconut oil by using a tampon or douche applicator.


2. Yin-Care Effective Herbal Wash

Yin-Care (original large and fragrance-free)

Prescription: Apply the Yin-Care herbal wash vaginally, the same way you applied the tea tree oil, using a clean tampon or douche applicator.

The herbal wash will help to soothe some of the burning feeling you may experience. You also have the option of either choosing the original herbal wash or the fragrance-free herbal wash. I personally prefer the original because there is a medicine cabinet-like scent to the fragrance-free once, ironically.

3. Oil of Oregano

Zane Hellas or Orega Wild Physician’s Strength

Prescription: 1 dropper of oil of oregano under your tongue every morning and night.

The difference between the Zane Hellas version and the Orega Wild Physician’s Strength version is price and strength. The Zane Hellas oregano oil is more cost-effective and is more potent and needs to be diluted in olive oil. In comparison, the Orega Wild Physician’s Strength oregano oil is a little more expensive and does not need to be diluted.

yin yeast care

This holistic bio-hack I discovered is great if you’re feeling a yeast infection coming on and the symptoms aren’t very intense. Using probiotics is also beneficial when combined with the essential oils. Use this remedy as soon as you notice the first signs t0 really save yourself from this uncomfortable condition.

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