DIRTY HAIR: How To Wash Your Hair Less For Healthier Hair

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

The whole washing hair thing really isn’t for me so when I heard, the dirtier, the better – I had to try it. The longest I’ve ever gone between shampooing is 8 days but if I can keep my style a week I’m ecstatic! That also means a week of baths with salts instead of showers too! Woo Hoo!

If you follow along on Snapchat, you can see I love a good blowout. For me, a $35 blowout special is a huge luxury I am 100% willing to spend money on.

Hair Washing

My Theory Behind The Weekly Blowout

When I get a blowout, I get a sensual head massage and one hour to myself to mess with my phone for social media, email and Pokemon Go!  This hour for me is extremely productive because I’m catching up with e-mails, social media, text messages and then leave with ready to go hair! How does it get better than that?

Really though, you walk out of the blowout being a ROCK STAR with a full, uninterrupted hour of work & play behind you.

I go to Haute House in Austin, TX. I love the pampering and the wine is a plus too.

Truth is my hair never looks as good when I’m doing it myself.


The Theory Behind Dirty Hair

It’s become common within the beauty industry that infrequent hair-washing leads to healthier hair. So over the last couple months, I’ve been testing the theory!

Hair Styling

Until the last couple of weeks I always thought I was an oily-scalp girl — I found out that’s not the case. Truth is the more I skipped shampooing the more my hair became shinier, thicker, and stronger. Truly, a life hack for those of us who don’t have hair of the 20 year old! NOT UNTIL NOW! LOL!

hair do
So, my mission started a few month ago! I was going to “teach” my hair to be dirty!

The first week was to to forgo washing for three / maybe four days to see how my hair and scalp made it through! Let’s just say that first week it needed a ‘poo by day 3, but I used dry spray and made it to day 4!

The second week the mission was to forgo for five to six days! I made it five! It did adjust to the new regimen a little bit! (and it did appear healthier and stronger).

The third week I made it seven days but things were getting a little oily!

By the fourth week I went seven days easy! I’m not really trying to expand beyond seven – weekly is good!

Have you tried this experiment? Curious to hear how you fared? We documented the entire experience in the slides ahead.

Are these theories off-base? Thoughts?

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