8 Coffee Mistakes You’re Making

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
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Do you use coffee to be more focused, productive and creative?  I do. Here’s some things to know and some cool alternatives.

Getting through a packed schedule of balancing work, play, and my kids’ play on just a few hours of sleep just doesn’t seem as daunting when I’m sipping coffee. Turns out, there’s a physical reason for that!

Let’s talk about the chemical benefits of that morning cup of joe. As you probably know, coffee is full of caffeine. As a stimulant, caffeine spikes your heart rate and blood pressure. This helps you burn fat, stay alert, perform better at the gym, and even increase your cognitive functioning. Your entire body and brain speeds up when you’re drinking caffeine.

These benefits are what we love about coffee. But could you be destroying these health benefits?

Here are 8 coffee mistakes you may be making to ruin your coffee buzz.

  1. You Buy Pre-ground Coffee – This not only diminishes the flavor, but studies have cited decreased health benefits from breaking down the beans in advance. Preserve the nutrition and delicious scent by grinding at home!
  2. You store coffee in its original bag – Air exposure can cause coffee beans and grains to lose their antioxidants. Keep those beans or grounds in an air-tight container to keep those antioxidants flowing into your body!
  3. You drink coffee first thing in the morning – When you first wake up, your stress hormones kick in, giving you a natural boost. Instead of drinking coffee in the morning, when you’re naturally hyped, wait until late morning to save that caffeine for when you need it the most.
  4. You drink dark roast because you think it’s healthier – the truth is, no one really knows which roast is healthier. Scientists have yet to find consistent evidence suggesting one is better than the other. So if you prefer blonde roast, go for it!
  5. You drink light roast to consume less caffeine – It’s actually the opposite. The roasting process burns off caffeine, so the darker roast, the less jittery you’ll get. If you’re trying to limit your caffeine intake, go for dark!
  6. You drink way too much – More isn’t always better. Caffeine is a drug, and consuming too much can lead to high blood pressure, anxiety, and even heart issues. Make sure to limit your intake if you’re experiencing negative side effects.
  7. You go crazy with the sugar – If you drink coffee for the health benefits, it’s not recommended to add sugar. Although a little sugar won’t hurt you, adding sweetener to a cup of coffee can cancel out the anti-diabetes benefits of black coffee, or coffee with just milk.
  8. You drink it too slowly – Leaving your coffee out for an hour, then heating it back up, can affect its acidity, giving you heartburn. Make a new cup each time you take a coffee break. Oh and I recent learned you can make your own cold brew with a french press that has less acid – I hope to add a post about it soon.

These little coffee mistakes are a quick fix. Be aware of your java habits to kick up your productivity!