This Month: I’m Obsessed With GG Crackers

My Latest Obsession: GG Crackers – OMG! Paleo + Fiber Greatness!

Oh my goodness… it’s no wonder European girls are so thin — these are a unique bio-hack!

I FOUND THEM ON AMAZON & ORDERED A 30 PACK… and then ordered another 30!

gg bran crackers
Now… these crackers aren’t deliciously tasty, BUT here’s the thing:

If you’ve eaten a high protein Paleo diet for any time at all, then you’re ready for something incredibly CRUNCHY! They’re simple, plain and so much more!!!

gg scandinavian crackers
Because they are so high in fiber — and so great with high fiber figs!

If you want to cut your appetite — EAT A CRACKER!

They are actually known as “appetite control crackers!”

Here’s what it says on their site:
“GG’s Bran Crispbread® is packed with insoluble fiber which is essential to maintaining digestive health and a nutritious lifestyle. Insoluble Fiber promotes more regular bowel movements and is great for relieving or preventing constipation. Our GG Bran Crispbread® has some of the highest concentrations of bran and fiber of any food, and is 100% pure, natural and additive free. We have been endorsed by the Norwegian Olympic Committee for our fiber rich crispbreads. On top of these advantages, our GG Crispbread® is also yeast free and Kosher!”

GG Bran Crispbread® Crackers are also known as ‘The Appetite Control Cracker’ because they help to make you feel full.


Being that they are only 12 calories, you eat them with toppings! Figs, salmon, eggs, craisins and cream cheese are some of my personal favorites.

gg crackers

They DO in fact fill you up! Why? Each cracker has 4 grams of fiber to be exact. Carbs are 6 grams…which means… the net carb is 2!

Also only 12 calories per cracker — that’s HUGE in comparison to a normal small cracker! They also make you poo regularly! Wahoo!

The ingredients are simple – wheat bran, whole grain rye flour & salt.

Learn about these crackers! Read the book The F Factor Diet by Tanya Zuckerbrot. It talks about the crackers and other bio-hacks!

You can find them on Amazon.

My Favorite Way To Eat These

My favorite breakfast lately has been farmer’s market eggs and sea salt on these little treasures.

You can add raw almond butter, cream cheese, cranberries or healthy mayo.

gg fiber crackers
fiber gg bran crackers

If you have other ideas for how to use plain or pumpkin seed GG Crackers, PLEASE LET ME KNOW on Instagram . . . Tag me in your GG creations on Instagram: @realrawyou or use use hashtag #realrawyou

xo ~ Jeneth

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