Why “Bad” Habits Offer a Prosperity Loophole

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
bad habit

Did you know that the same reasons that Hypnosis works so well on smoking, weight loss and fears… is the same reason it’s being used right now to quickly give people just like you new “prosperity” habits?

Did you know you that the habits of the fabled “1%” of the wealthiest Americans rely on habits like these (not their smarts or education) to grow their fortunes?

Did you know that the same habits are 100% different from the habits of everyday middle-class people, in one profound way?

However – did you know that you can skip the lengthy road from rags to riches and download the habits that lead to prosperity and abundance in under an hour?

I’m sure you didn’t know all that and that’s fine… you’re not alone…

Most people have never even heard about this new psychological “loophole” that lets you develop the *right* kinds of habits FAST…

Many millionaires aren’t even aware that they do these things. Just like an unconscious habit like biting your nails, they operate on “mental cruise control” and habitually do simple things that FORCE their wealth to grow automatically.

And they don’t STOP doing it because once you’ve formed a habit, it’s almost impossible to stop, right?

This Process Is FAST And The Habit Is Simple

How is that possible?

Usually habits take months to form, so how is it that in one hour you can form a whole new habit?

Well, the truth is, you can’t. Not really. Because a habit can only really be called a habit once you’ve done it over and over. What hypnosis can do is help you burn new associations in your subconscious mind so that you FEEL like you’ve developed a new habit through months of repetition, even though you haven’t, (technically speaking).

All You Need To Do Is Decide You Want Prosperity

And it’s my job to help you discover it – not over the course of years – not at a high priced seminar or series of one-on-one sessions…

But in an hour or less, by using a Hypnotic process I discovered and shared recently with a group of my closest and most valuable clients (for free).

Here’s just a few of the things you’ll take from this experience:

• You’ll love the relaxation you’ll feel, and you’ll come out of Hypnosis feeling like you just took a WONDERFUL nap, refreshed, aware, and relaxed…

• You’ll quickly get new abundance-creating habits forming, and before the session ends you’ll feel confident that you’ve got a new multimillionaire mindset forming…

• You’ll find you don’t need willpower or reminders to exercise your new habits, because it will come as naturally to you as eating, sleeping and breathing…

• You’ll quickly see these simple habits start opening up new opportunities, giving you new options for increased income, and compounding over time to push you further than you might think is realistic or possible right now. (And that’s okay)…

I’d like to invite you to try this out for yourself, on me. On the next page, you’ll be able to sign up for an appointment with me online, where I’ll put you into Hypnosis and rewire your brain to be more prosperous and abundant in under an hour.

Pick the time that works best for you this week, and I’ll “see” you soon.

Don’t delay, there are limited spaces available this week, so pick the one that works best for your schedule. Again, this is a free session as my gift to you – I hope to see you soon.