How to Get Out Of Your Creative Rut

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

The last few months have been really inspiring. I been working with some highly ambitious clients and hearing a lot about how they have motivated and inspired through our Quest Playbook (a gamification model to get you productive again.)

I thought I would take a minute to share some of their shifts.

As I’ve mention in previous posts, I read a lot of fiction. Now, I know you may be wondering what that has to do with productivity and creative flow! Stay with me.

I’ve just completed the newest Harry Potter book which includes a lot of time jumping! And Shopaholic to the Stars which includes a lot of outrageous delusional thoughts from the heroine. lol.

I find when I take an unreal adventure it sparks a ton of possibilities for my life.

Question: What Sparks Your Creativity?

I’ve found that it’s different for each of us. It could be gardening, knitting, swimming, reading. It’s usually some thing you love doing that allows your brain to ‘spark’ in different areas. It’s when those sparks fly and you pay attention that new innovative creativity sparks.

SWOOSH! Those whispers fall in and sometimes they gets thrown out right away — yup, it’s just not for you. That’s cool.

But sometimes you actually desire it. What happens when it gets trapped in your heart because of some limiting belief from your childhood. Yup! The one that tells you – you can’t or it will be too much work. That’s the one.

So, what do you do when you have idea overwhelm?


Okay, you’ve found that baby seed of an idea has reached your heart and BOOM the passion begins.

YOU WANT IT! (it like those fab Quay sunglasses – I’m obsessed with.)

And you know that at some point you will have to CHOOSE it or HEARTBREAK!

(Oh stop right there! A quick note about non-attachment — this is DANCE with desires! A play with the love. Dance with them like a lover. Receive from your lover as your lover receives from you.)

And it’s when you dance so erotically that all our actions fall into place. You know the feeling! You are lit up and ready. It’s that space where you can’t help but be in alignment and act on those next steps. There’s nothing in your way. The foot is on the gas and you are on your adventure.

This is what Megan and I helped you with in our original Whispering Magic course because sometimes you are unwilling to let yourself have what you really desire. And sometimes you just need a few reminders so you can get you bounce and pounce back. (for example: BOUNCE TIME)

Tweet: “Sometimes you are unwilling to let yourself have what you truly desire.” @realrawyou #whispermap

With that being said, let’s talk about what I call: Creative Points.

Our newest WhisperMap that dances nicely with Bounce Time.

Here’s the thing, we don’t desire anything we can’t have. If you read my post on Bounce Time, you are starting to understand how we create from those seeds of inspiration (aka whispers.)

It’s true. Would consciousness (God or universe) drop seeds of inspiration from the clouds like rain … and then not give you a way to have it?

Desire (true desire) trickle into your head and then it’s the ones that make it into your heart that really matter.

Then finally like love at first sight you say, “Hi. What’s your name?” While thinking to yourself, “Mmmm… it would be juicy to be with this person.” (Yup. This is how it works. I’ve made a little picture for this, it’s called Whisper Cycle. Find it here. It’s simple Whisper -> Question -> Choice.)

QUESTION: How many unfulfilled desires are just sitting in your heart without being seen or acknowledged?”

Doesn’t that suck when your lover is right there and can’t be seen? Would you be willing to start acknowledging these desires? Look at each one. See it. Acknowledge it. Choose it. Whether if moves through the ‘whisper cycle’ to choice or not.

NOW: What’s that thing you know you need to choose next?

We all have big ideas, inspirations and aspirations. We all desire for something more. Why is it some will choose what they want while others do not?

Having that seed of a lover inside is not enough. Wishing something would be different isn’t enough. Hoping that something will change is just cluttering up your mind.

The best way to get some ACTION happening? (Yup! I said it that way!)
Make the first move. Take the first step no matter how scared you are.
I’m afraid to ___________. Whatever is in that blank, you need to choose!

Choose what you know you have to choose. Stop giving yourself reasons and excuses to why it’s not time. Do it now. Do it right now. Think you can’t?

All the limitations told to you are wrong. They don’t feel light. And what’s true makes you feel lighter. You are not wrong and you know what it is. There are no limitations unless you choose to believe there are. At one point, Steve Jobs thought, “I’m going to make a digital music player that will fit in your pocket and play thousands of songs.”

So, follow your heart, your lover and dance with them and the whispers. << I know that sounds cliche’

We need your unique magic and creative genius on our planet. Let’s go.