What ice cream flavor are YOU?

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You may notice that your some days are flavored with irritation, boredom, or anger. We could define those flavors and be stuck with that, or we can get really curious about it and unearth a new awareness and possibility.

In my work at the Real Raw YOU, we look at who you are — the undefined, infinite being called you. There’s a big difference between who you actually are and who you’ve decided and identified yourself to be. Much of what you think and decided you are created belief systems others have energetically told you that you are — so that’s not actually you.

Which brought me to this …

The other day, my friend Megan and I were leading a WhisperMapping group, and she asked the question, “if you were an ice cream flavor, what would it be?”

Silly as it sounds, this elicited a crazy response to our class. Everyone was shooting us messages, telling us what flavor resonated with them. One person described her flavor as lavender, another ginger spice praline, another chocolate fudge.

These flavors really elicit much more of a frequency than what feeling words could describe. Chocolate is decadent, rich, delicious. Lavender is springy, feminine, and soothing. It’s so fun to pull from those essences to describe your present contribution and desires.

I wanted to mention that ice cream engages all five senses. It really allows us to fall into each of those sensations from visualizing to hearing the slurp of licking a cone, to taste, to smelling the scent of a strong flavor, to feeling the textures in your mouth… ice cream engages the whole palate!

So what infinite colors, infinite tastes and sensations beyond the body can we now tap into to add to your creations and the creations that we want to expand?

What sensations and frequencies do you receive from that flavor?

What ecstatic flavor are you today? What more could you know about you if you asked?


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