I’m Obsessed With Pilates, Acupuncture & Watching This Prime Video — Oh My!

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Hey guys! I’m so excited to get started with this new series called I’m Obsessed With. I’m always finding new series to binge watch, uplifting beauty hacks to try, and delicious Paleo recipes, that I can’t keep them all to myself.

So, this post will be the first of a new series (technically that second… the first was my fiber obsession and those amazing GG crackers) where I show you all the new things I’m loving each month. Let’s do this!

Today’s lineup includes a delectable crab stack – a la delicious-eat-out Paleo – I can’t stop thinking about, a Pilates class that’s giving me so much energy I’m explosive, my “haute” new lashes, and more.

Let me tell you why they are so great.

But, first a confession! I binge watch too! Sometimes I do yoga while binge watching and it just brings pure joy of living in my no judgment world.

Humans Amazon Prime Video

Obsession 1: Humans on Amazon Videos – Beam me up EchoDotty!

What shows are you binge watching? After my little excursion back to the Netflix Party of Five in the 90s… I, now, personally can not get enough of HUMVNS – and Amazon Prime Echo Dot buying in general. I started watching this show about a week ago and I’m already on season 2… so yeah. It’s almost like West World, but if the characters started evolving consciousness.

Obsession 2: Getting My Bod Hot Again with Paleo & Pilates

I’ve been eating a Paleo diet and going to a Kor180 class for nearly 2 weeks and the change is obvious. I’ve lost about five pounds and the strength and tone is developing FAST. And it’s so much fun! SO MUCH FUN! I really liked using the reformer during the workout. It’s almost like a roller coaster ride!

Haute House Beauty Lashes Austin, Texas

Obsession 3: Indulging in Haute Lashes from the Haute House

I’m loving my new lashes. Don’t they make my eyes pop!? LOL! That’s not me, but you’ll see them on video soon! I got size 13 single lashes applied at Haute House. They make applying makeup, like mascara, so much more effective. It’s like having falsies on, but they look so much more natural and you don’t have to bother with gluing them on everyday.

Doc B's in Austin, Texas

Obsession 4: This Jumbo Lump Crab “Stack” from Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen in ATX

Yum, yum, YUM! I definitely ate this crab stack with my eyes first when it was delivered to our table.  At Doc B’s, Joe and I insisted on sitting out on the patio so we could enjoy our food and beer on that nice, sunny day. It was such a good time with delicious food and lovely company. And of course I snuck in my GG crackers

Jennifer Stang Acupuncture Therapy ATX

Obsession 5: Acupuncture Facelift by Jennifer Stang at Evolution Acupuncture

Well, it’s a bunch of needles in your face – but it doesn’t hurt! My practitioner, Jennifer Stang, recommends 10-12 weekly treatments for the best results and this was my first one. I can definitely see a difference and recommend it to anyone who’s thinking about trying it — or just wish to try acupuncture in general!

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