Creating Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos

I absolutely adore John Burgos. He’s incredible congruent and he’s creating a movement that’s changing a lot of lives.

Just a bit about John… he’s the founder and host of the Beyond The Ordinary Show! He has committed his life to improving and enriching the lives of others.

He created the Beyond The Ordinary Show to unite and lead the next generation of transformation through providing a stage for emerging and provocative spiritual leaders, exposing and bringing light to the shared power of collective consciousness.

Moved by the profound, shamanic experiences that ignited his trust in his innate intuitive abilities, John has dedicated his passions to bringing this truth of inherent intuition to the masses. He soon emerged as a leader in the field and finds his truest excellence in working with esoteric and spiritual teachers. He believes that his work, in conjunction with the luminous souls he works intimately with, can be the catalyst for global change.

John’s greatest passion and purpose is celebrated by providing a platform, holding space and expertly directing new thought patterns to assist in the growth, evolution and empowerment in shaping a new, more soulfully connected generation.


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