5 Ways Journals Help Creatives Get Focused FAST

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If attention deficient and Ritalin were in existence in the 80s, I definitely would have been prescribed…

And if it had occurred, I’m sure I wouldn’t have written the best-selling novel, Seven Dragons: A Guide to a Limitless Mind.

For years, I’ve been a seeker for strategies to clear the chatter, get clear, focused and productive. The truth is now that I’m clear, I’m seeking to live beyond the causal reality of this world — but that’s a blog for another day.

“If we are willing to abandon our usual coercive tactics and approaches, there is a good chance of creating and being what you know is possible” – Jeneth Blackert

Today, I would like to ‘Pay it Forward’ and impart my favorite ‘Getting Clear’ processes.

There are really five ways I use my journals for clearing my mind and energetic field of consciousness.

how to journal

 01. The Time Sensitive Lists

  • Daily, Weekly To Do lists
  • Grocery Lists
  • House to ’em done lists
  • Cleaning & Clean Up lists

creative journaling

02. The Creative Lists

  • Desires, Ideas, Requirements, Project Sequences & Targets for the NOW (i.e. Now Game)
  • Desires, Ideas, Requirements, Project Sequences & Targets for the FUTURE (i.e. Future Game)
  • Random whispers that may, or may not add to my life.


03. The Whisper Maps: Drawing It Out

  • Usually these are non-linear concepts or symbolic reminders. For example, I have a process in my work called the WhisperMap: Be Factor and it’s represented by a triangle — when I see the triangle I recall questions to ask to in the present.
  • And then, there’s mind mapping. Google it.

access consciousness questions

04. The Expressive & Access Questions

  • I use the tools of Access Consciousness to clear belief systems and open myself to greater possibilities.
  • This often starts by asking questions specifically about what I notice, acknowledge about what’s going on. Yup – that’s all in one of these journals.
  • Then there’s the question, choice, possibility and awareness that changes it all.

05. The ‘Let’s Learn More’ Journaling

  • This is where I write notes and seek to learn more on a topic.

Clarifying the purpose to why I write in journals has helped me gain clarity about the what, when, where, why and how’s of my entire life.

It’s important that I mention… that for this to really work for you… you first need to know yourself — and that’s why I wrote the Seven Dragons book as it offers journaling prompts to help you know YOU. The Real Raw YOU 🙂

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