Are Entities or Extraterrestrials Interfering
with your Health and Happiness?

  • Do you suffer from strange inexplicable symptoms that no doctor has been able to adequately diagnose or treat?

  • Have you tried almost everything to heal yourself but results are non-existent or short-lasting?

  • Have you spent a ton of money trying to figure out what’s wrong with you or a loved one and have practically nothing to show for it?

  • Are you super-sensitive to other people’s energy and get drained if you’re around negative people or situations?

  • Do you have a sensitive child or teen who is depressed, anxious, moody, or having problems in school?

  • Do you have persistent recurring anxiety, depression or suicidal/negative thoughts despite antidepressants and therapy?

Hi my name is Dr. Karen Kan,

If you or someone you love is suffering from debilitating symptoms such as pain, fatigue, depression or anxiety, I can honestly say that I’ve been there. Nothing is more frustrating than undergoing a battery of tests, trying different medications, yoga, counseling, herbal remedies, supplements, acupuncture and even energy healing, and not getting any tangible long term results. Sometimes the most difficult thing is realizing that your doctor has no idea what you’re going through or what to do with you…

Why would a doctor with a thriving medical practice choose to become an energy healer?

Over a decade ago, the stress of moving across the country, building a house and trying to rescue a failing marriage caused me to succumb to fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. I was depressed, in horrible pain and wanted to die. In fact, I might have killed myself if it weren’t for the fact that my life insurance policy would have been void if I committed suicide.

Thankfully, Spirit came to me in my darkest hour and I decided to live. Once I made the commitment to heal, Spirit guided me to the perfect teachers, tools and strategies to heal myself and my patients. Not long after releasing my bestselling book, Guide to Healing Chronic Pain – a Holistic Approach, I was shocked to find out that dark entities had been preying on so many of my patients. No other physician I knew, even celebrities, spoke about these entities and yet they were interfering with almost everyone I encountered, including my loved ones.

Demon Caught on Camera

clearing-entitiesAs soon as I began healing and clearing entities, people came out of the woodwork with challenging entity-related issues that few healers knew how to handle. In fact, I was dismayed to learn that many of the healers I knew didn’t want to acknowledge the existence of entities nor did they want to know about them. Sadly, many were just as encumbered with entities as my patients. As the vibration of the Earth increased (Ascension), I was able to delve deeper into my patients’ issues, finding all sorts of incredible imbalances including extraterrestrial infections, consciousness “invasions”, entities attaching to DNA and insulin receptors, portals and dimensional rifts in their homes to name a few.

starseedsFinally, some of my patients’ most baffling symptoms had a real “cause”, and almost magically, they were able to heal on a deep level once we addressed the entity imbalances. Many discovered that they were Indigos (highly evolved “new” humans), Earth Angels (angels incarnated into a human body) or Starseeds (Souls originating in the stars) with a mission to heal the Earth and not just themselves. Others found out that like me, they have been charged with protecting Mother Earth and her inhabitants from negative entities and to assist in the Ascension process. It all began to make sense: why they had cancer, or chronic pain, or a child with night terrors or ADHD. I learned that more and more people were experiencing interference from entities or extraterrestrials with entity attachments, and it was making them depressed and even suicidal. And sadly, so many young people like the Millennials in my practice, end up on antidepressants, stimulants and sedatives because their doctors and therapists don’t understand that they are energy-sensitive and just need to learn how to protect and clear their energy field.

So chances are, entities have been interfering in your life too…

But thankfully, you don’t have to fear entities. Granted, for those that can see them (clairvoyants), they can look and sound scary, but once you understand why they are there and the power you have to change your reality, you won’t be afraid of them any longer.

Powerful Healing
Dr. Karen and her students stop the biggest hurricane in history!

Expert Reviews

“Feeling deeply calm, centered and peaceful!”

Helena“Wow! Beautiful, powerful, and transformational! My intention was to enhance and open up my intuitive abilities even more in the way of the highest good. I experienced many tingles and multiple whole body chills, and am now vibrating and buzzing ;-). I even felt a little release in my neck, which felt great. When I started, I was a bit tense and stressed, but by the end, I feel deeply calm, centered and peaceful. I love the unique fusion of such deeply evocative images/artwork with the music & your healing energies! I feel a deep shift on a cellular level and look forward to using it again! Thank you so much for this opportunity”

~ Helena Das Ecstatic Energy Weaver & Embodiment Coach

“Phenomenal! Energetically cleared through all dimensions…”

debbi-brown“I loved the music. I could feel myself entraining to it instantly. It’s very calming, soothing, and ethereal. The artwork is many-dimensional. It takes me to the subconscious mind. It’s rather phenomenal actually; like a Rorschach ink blot only much better; you perceive your own inner mind reflected back. I felt very grounded and peaceful after watching it for 15 minutes. I noticed improvement with the intention that I worked with right away. I recommend Dr. Karen’s Ascension products for anyone wanting to be energetically cleared through all dimensions and brought into the present moment, elevated and balanced. Thank you Dr. Karen for making these important products that assists in our personal evolution.”

~Rev. Dr. Debbi Adams, intuitive soul reader, healer, divine channel and therapeutic medium

“100% Success in Entity and Implant Clearings!”

~ Jenny Ngo

“Source-directed and extremely high vibrational!”

k“As a psychic and medium, I've had many years of experience dealing with all sorts of negative entities attached to or affecting my clients. I've also known many energy healers as well. After meeting Dr. Karen, it was clear that her Source-directed healing is extremely powerful (one time it felt as if she was healing a whole country!). In fact I told her that her vibration was so high that it was impossible for an entity to attach to her. There aren’t too many healers I’ve met that I can say that about. Dr. Karen asked me to evaluate her Ascension products and to give her feedback so she could tweak it to the highest level. Well, I did and boy do they work! They are Source-directed and extremely high vibrational. I trust Dr. Karen and her healing products and so can you.”

~ Diana Kushenbach, Psychic and Medium, Founder of the Diana Kushenbach Academy of Spiritual Arts

“I received several messages from light beings”

Robin“I had the privilege of previewing Karen Kan’s Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection Video and audios. As an ascension artist and an energy healer myself, I loved this video. The energies within are wonderful. As I looked at the images, I could feel activations and clearings happening, plus I received several messages from light beings. The energy was elevating and beautiful. I definitely recommend Karen’s energy infusions and look forward to experiencing more of them.”

~ Robin Chellis, Light Alchemist and Ascension Artist

janat-1“I am posting this testimonial to Dr. Karen Kan's work. Last week I worked with Dr. Karen, asking her to look over my own energy and that of my home. We had a guest staying in our home over the summer, and after the guest's departure, I felt the energy was discordant and chaotic.

Dr. Karen tuned into my energy, and found that while my own energy was completely clear, there were numerous discordant energies in my home (entities, monkey demons, and a portal.) Dr. Karen cleared all of these energies, returning them to the light. She also found an entity, and an underlying curse, on my sweet husband, which she was able to clear. Immediately following our session, I felt much calmer.

The next morning, I went into the rooms where the energy had felt chaotic, and I felt only absolute serenity.

Dr. Karen confirmed my intuition, that the portal she closed was a mirror in one bedroom. In my prior feng shui and Vastu studies, I had always heard that having mirrors in bedrooms was not recommended, especially if those mirrors reflected over the bed where a person was sleeping. I am now a believer! I have covered the mirrors with a cloth, and plan to put cork board up in place of the mirror over a small desk.

Since my session, I also realized that my husband had fallen down stairs four times during the past six months. Fortunately, those falls were each minor, and he was not hurt. I told him of his clearing, and invited him to watch for any changes.

Another frequent visitor to our home, who is also very energetically aware, said she felt nothing but peace when she got to our front door, whereas the previous week, she also felt something was quite amiss. I have also noticed that I was far better able to concentrate on my work, and put in a marathon productive day on Sunday, finally able to complete something I have had difficulty focusing on for months.

I have since purchased Dr. Karen's package A, so I can run the clearing MP3's and target other people who I feel would benefit. (my former guest, other friends, family).

So far, I especially love, love, love the energy in the Ascension tapes, but I haven't even listened to all the other amazing content in the package.

I am also playing the Ascension clearing MP3's and "targeting" with intention that it's high frequencies are clearing the energy of every elected and appointed official, including candidates who aspire to be elected, in every city, county, state, and federal office, as well as employees in all forms of public service, including the FDA, EPA, police, and military. I invite you to join me to help us create the Divine Government we would love to experience!

Bless you, Dr. Karen Kan, for heeding your soul's call to expand into this work and BE-ing the gift that you are.”

~ I am Janet Doerr, The Intuitive Nutritionista - another healer. I will be launching on FHTJ at the end of this month. See you soon!

“A Doctor who clears entities? She's THE best!”

tyhson-banighen“I met Dr. Karen while taking one of her free online classes on clearing entities and made an instant connection. As the founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and the Holistic Exorcism Certification Program, it was very clear from the start that Dr. Karen is a gifted intuitive and spiritual healer. I asked her to be interviewed on my program called The Wellness Show exploring the topic of ghosts, demons and extraterrestrials. What she told me blew me away - not because some of the information was new to me - but because she figured so much out on her own. Her dowsing (muscle testing) is lightning-fast and accurate, and being a doctor, she has the advantage of being able to ask very specific questions on muscle testing that only a medical doctor can. For example, she found hundreds of ancestral ghosts attached to a hormone receptor in someone with autoimmune thyroid disease. That person had autoimmunity that was refractory to treatment until Dr. Karen helped to heal and release these ancestors. One of the things I most appreciate about Dr. Karen is her perception about entities with which I am in total agreement: the time of duality of "good" versus "evil" or "us" versus "them" is no longer resonating with our higher spiritual frequencies. With love we can heal all. I highly recommend Dr. Karen both as a holistic physician and as a spiritual healer. She is truly one of a kind!”

~ Tyhson Banighen, Founder of The Extraordinary Healing Arts Academy and the Holistic Exorcism Certification Program Extraordinary-Healing-Arts.Academy

deonna“The video, Ascension 2 -All-in-One, is very powerful! I loved all the intricacies and layers of sound in the music! I felt waves of energy flowing through me and it got stronger as the video went on. The images were beautiful as well as a bit haunting and at times unexpected. Overall I feel it was a deep activation. Nicely done! Thank you”

~ Deonna Phillips, Spiritual Counselor and Energy Worker

Here's Oliver's Story
"Knee Pain Healed in 2 seconds..."

“Dr. Karen Kan is a true healer. When I first met Dr. Kan in 2014, I had no idea what I was in for, or how profound the changes in my life that were to take place because of our meeting. Karen holds mastery in a basketful of healing modalities within her field, and over the past two year of knowing her, I have witnessed her bridge gaps of multiple fields of healing, both medical and spiritual, in order to provide care that is uniquely suited to each person she helps, myself included.

In the summer of 2015 I developed a debilitating pain in my right knee after a barefoot hike some weeks before on Mt. Cascade in the Adirondack region of New York State. Prior to asking Dr. Karen for help, I had gone to a clinical outpatient service where the physician told me I had bursitis (fluid buildup within the knee joint) and tried to drain the fluid from my knee. While attempting the procedure, the physician found no fluid whatsoever and had no other way to explain the symptoms. Enter Dr. Kan. Upon hearing of the details of the injury’s onset and lack of physical trauma present in the area, she began to remotely work with my body’s energy field over the phone. Upon her investigation, she determined that the probably source of the pain was due to an ancient energy weapon from an entity in a previous lifetime that had made itself known. After hearing this, my initial reaction was slight skepticism, as I was not aware such a diagnosis existed!

I knew Dr. Kan to be a specialist in this type of healing modality, so I opened my mind and asked her to heal it; not 2 seconds after she cleared this blockage did my knee become ABSOLUTELY HEALED. I could not comprehend it initially, so I went outside and sprinted up and down the block (something I could not do AT ALL only minutes before), searching for even a sliver of pain, a twinge, anything at all. Nothing - completely fine, no pain, no swelling whatsoever. It went back to about 85% pain free for two days but then the pain completely subsided and I regained full and permanent functionality within the week. It has not bothered me since.

After that, Dr. Kan taught me on multiple occasions how to perform this type of energy work on myself via the TOLPAKAN™ healing method! With her expert guidance, I have so far been able to clear my own heart walls and other energetic blockages that caused emotional trauma. I cannot overstate the impact Dr. Kan’s work has had on the improvement of my well-being, and the well-being I have been able to bring to others because of all I have learned from her. She is a true healer, I have yet to meet another like her. If you want amazing healing and to be inspired, work with Dr. Kan!”

If you’re still not sure about whether entities have interfered with your life, ask yourself if you’ve ever experienced:

  • Sudden bursts of anger, anxiety, sadness or fear
  • Lack of dreaming, nightmares or waking up feeling drained
  • Severe fatigue that doesn’t respond to any treatment
  • Mysterious pain that doesn’t respond to conventional or alternative therapies
  • Multiple autoimmunity diseases such as diabetes, Grave’s Disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, or multiple sclerosis

Or maybe you are currently feeling uneasy and not even sure if it relates to the supernatural…

  • You feel “watched” when you are alone at night
  • You are prone to “accidents” and injuries
  • You feel like you or your family is cursed
  • You are afraid to fall asleep at night for no reason
  • Your pets act strange or scared around certain people or in certain places
  • You hear voices but are afraid to tell anyone in case they think you’re crazy
  • You notice weird smells or sensations on your skin that don’t make any sense
  • You see ghosts or notice shadows moving in your peripheral vision
  • Your computer and electronic devices freak out and stop working for no reason
  • You feel sabotaged just when you’re getting ahead in life
  • People treat you badly even though they treat others nicely

If you resonate with any of the above, then you probably have negative entities or extraterrestrials interfering in your life and I’m going to show you how to clear them with ease and grace!

“Hepatitis C - vanished!”

“My good friend suggested I see Dr. Karen about my chronic Hepatitis C that I got from a blood transfusion as a child. In addition to the Hepatitis C virus, Dr. Karen energetically found several other chronic infections including 2 other viruses, 2 mold, 1 fungal and 2 parasites. After one session with Dr. Karen, my doctor repeated the lab test for Hepatitis C and it was negative! I was shocked. I’m continuing to work with Dr. Karen to heal other imbalances in my life. Thank you Dr. Karen!”

~ Kelly, Vermont

“Grave’s Disease healed without surgery or radiation!”

“I often tell people that Dr. Karen saved my life. Not only did I get Stevens Johnson’s syndrome, a potentially fatal autoimmune condition, which Dr. Karen helped me resolve, I ended up with Grave’s Disease. After consulting the endocrinologist, I was in tears. He said it was impossible to heal Grave’s Disease naturally and my only two choices were destroying my thyroid gland with drugs or surgery. No one believed I could heal myself, not my primary care physician nor the endocrinologist. Dr. Karen, on the other hand, believed in me. She believed I could heal. Because she has training as a medical doctor in addition to being an energy healer, I felt comfortable following her self-care suggestions and knew that medications to alleviate the symptoms might be necessary at first. Between her energy work and my hard work in changing my diet and lifestyle, I feel like I’m a whole new person. I have much better boundaries and I don’t sabotage myself by eating what I’m not supposed to. The great news is that I’m almost completely recovered from Grave’s – my lab tests prove it. And I didn’t have to destroy my thyroid in the process. I feel vindicated and I feel like proudly waving my lab test results in front of the faces of my other doctors shouting, “See! I told you I could do it!” Like I say to others, Dr. Karen saved my life. I refer everyone to Dr. Karen. Granted many people aren’t ready to take responsibility for their self-healing, but if you are, I highly recommend you learn from Dr. Karen.”

~ Jess

“Pervasive feelings of persecution lifted immediately!”

“Before my first session with Dr. Karen I felt heavy, persecuted, with a nagging feeling that something or someone was sabotaging me wherever I turn. It felt centuries old. My sleep was terrible as I would wake up over and over again. But after the very first session with Dr. Karen (and even during) I could feel the heaviness lift. I became brighter and happier and I don't wake up all the time anymore! Working with Dr. Karen has made a tremendous positive difference in my life. She uses a laser-focused approach to get right to the heart of the problem, in a gentle down-to-earth way. The unique set of skills that combine being a medical doctor with being an energy healer makes for a very sound and broad basis from which she works - addressing one issue from many different angles that leads to deep, fast and lasting results. I highly recommend her!”

~ Mariet K.

“Head pressure and scrambled thinking finally gone…”

“Before working with Dr. Karen, I had severe symptoms of head pressure and scrambled thinking which got worse when working on the computer. It was incredibly difficult to concentrate on an important project that represented my life's work and I was incredibly frustrated! I assumed I had EMF sensitivities, which Dr. Karen did confirm, however after removing the layers of EMF toxicity, she discovered that I was really reacting to negative entities that were present in the other apartments in my building and even one attached to a cord from me to the project I so dearly loved. She told me I was empathic. After removing the entities, shoring up my personal and environmental boundaries and showing me how to cut energy cords and "shield up", my symptoms are almost non-existent and I feel great! I'm so excited! If you're empathic or sensitive, you need to work with Dr. Karen - she'll help you.”

~ Aran B.

“My toxic liver healed! ”

untitled-design-1“Because I’d been taking anti-anxiety medication for many years, my primary care doctor did some routine blood tests and found that my liver enzymes were through the roof. There was no way I could get off those medications quickly without a slow taper, so to say I was worried was an understatement! Dr. Karen calmly told me that we could focus healing on my liver and within a couple weeks, my repeat liver function tests were dramatically better. After three healing sessions, they were back to normal and I had a “happy” liver. My primary care physician was baffled about the improvement because I hadn’t decreased my medication yet and I just told him that Dr. Karen and I “healed my liver” using energy healing! If he ever needed proof that this healing stuff works, this was it! I put my trust in Dr. Karen and she never fails to give me hope! I tell people all the time that they need to read her book and to work with her. She is an amazing healer!”

~ Gail

“​Went from sleeping 2 days a week to every night after one session!!!​”

“To say I'm "different" from my End of the Century peers is an understatement. I was born "awake" and have never felt comfortable with what I call the Hive Mind (mass consciousness). Of course that makes me super-sensitive to energy and thankfully my mother has respected my autonomy and sought natural health care.

We first consulted Dr. Karen a couple of years ago because I was having fainting spells and was afraid of falling off ladders that I had to climb at work. Within one session, the fainting spells disappeared and never came back!

Most recently, I had a traumatic bullying experience when I happened to be walking outside in the middle of the night because of my chronic insomnia which had gotten really bad. After this bullying experience, I could only sleep one out of every three days, and when I did sleep, I woke up with back stiffness and achiness. I repeatedly consulted a chiropractor for adjustments, but my back just went back out again soon after. I was in a lot of pain. I felt I was falling apart and broken into a bunch of pieces that I couldn't put back together despite all the healing tools I've learned on my own over the years. My mom sensed I was "leaking" all over the place. I was a mess and my energy was getting "dark". So my mom and I made an emergency appointment with Dr. Karen.

Dr. Karen confirmed that I was split into 18 different dimensions, partially due to Dimensional Rifts she found on the property I was living on. She sealed those rifts and "put me back together". She cleaned my sleep realms of negative portals and entities (apparently my battles in demon realm at night were exhausting me!) and healed the Conflict-shock from the bullying experience. That afternoon, after a nap, I was able to realign my own back for the first time in over a week.

Dr. Karen gave me my base (foundation) back, and since then, I have again been able work on healing myself. I no longer feel traumatized and I can come from a place of gratitude again. I am thrilled that I have been able to sleep four days in a row. I'm smiling, am more rested, and my mom is happy (more like relieved!) that she has her son back. I no longer feel broken into a bunch of pieces and this morning I woke up without back pain. Thank you Dr. Karen!”

~ Cody M.

Experience the Ultimate in Clearing and Protection:

  • Become impervious to evil and negative entities
  • Thwart and remove malevolent extraterrestrial interferences
  • Magically transform any conflict that is weighing you down
  • Release imbalances causing pain, anxiety and depression
  • Improve your energy, sleep and brain function
  • Keep yourself, your family and your environment clear of negative sabotaging energies
  • Enjoy your health, your life, your work, and all your relationships with freedom from negative interference
  • Clear entities, portals, cords, energy suckers, curses, vows, hexes, contracts, negative filters, reverse shields, negative thought forms, implants, weapons and booby traps and more in a matter of seconds

Experience the Ultimate in Healing and Integration:

  • Have access to positive healing frequencies to manifest peace and abundance in all areas of your life
  • Have clear access to Source and your Higher Self for guidance and spiritual evolution
  • Download positive frequencies and Morphic fields for Joy, Love, Peace, Acceptance, Abundance and more
  • Open your Receiving Channels in order to manifest the abundance that is your birthright
  • Expand your spiritual gifts such as Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Clairgustience, Clairessence and Claircognizance in a safe and grounded way

“Immediate Reduction in pain after energy weapons removed!”

“During my first session with Dr. Karen I told her that I was suffering from a long-standing sharp, stabbing pain in my upper back near my shoulder blade. She discovered that my “shield” was damaged and that I had several energy weapons lodged in my back thanks to interfering entities. Within minutes of their removal, I felt most of the pain leaving me. Then Dr. Karen proceeded to release a bunch of “implants” stuck in various parts of my body (including 8 attached to my thyroid making it sluggish and making me gain weight). Immediately after she released the last implant, I felt a thin veil leave my body and I instantly felt clearer and lighter. I had no idea such things like energy weapons and implants existed, and I am so happy and relieved they are gone. If you suffer from chronic pain like I did, you should try a session with Dr. Karen because she’s super-fast at getting to the underlying causes and you might get instant results too.”

~ Isabel

What if you had a magic wand that could quickly and painlessly clear negative entities and extraterrestrials – would you use it?

With the growing entity threat, I was being called day and night to do “rescue” missions for Mother Earth. Every week, new and devious threats from the Dark Side would crop up, and at first, I could barely catch up! Hundreds, thousands and even millions of entities were being healed, entity gateways or portals closed, extraterrestrial attacks thwarted in a blink of an eye, yet my patients needed a simple way to clear entities interfering in their home and work life. Most of my patients are empaths. They feel deeply, which means they can sense negative energy easily and it makes them feel sick, tired and depressed.

I created my Ascension 1 and 2 healing products for my patients so that they can heal and protect their loved ones with greater ease and speed without having to test for entities and the hundreds of possible imbalances one could have contributing to an illness. These products are like a “magic healing wand”. You play them and then, as you would a wand, direct their Light-infused energies to heal whatever, whomever, wherever you wish to heal. It is that simple. Within seconds, entities, portals, negative extraterrestrials, implants, energy cords etc. can be removed for your Highest Good.

Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection

This program contains multi-dimensional layers of infused healing frequencies that clear negative energies and enable protection on multiple levels. You just play the program and focus your attention on your target and the program does the heavy lifting for you.

Using the combined power of the archangels called TOLPAKAN™ healing, this energy-infused product is used to release and remove harmful energies from whatever or whomever you target, addressing issues from past, present, future, multiple dimensions and universes. It is called All-in-One because it addresses every conceivable imbalance currently known and is energetically upgraded weekly as new frequencies become available with each Ascension event. Here is a partial list of what Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection does:

  • Energetically deactivates infections including extraterrestrial infections

  • Clears and protects astral realms you visit when you sleep

  • Cleans and repairs soul fragments from multiple lives

  • Supports grounding and cleans debris and negative energy from your aura

  • Balances the hara line, assemblage beam, chakras and all the layers of the aura

  • Energetically neutralizes physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual toxins

  • Clears inherited imbalances including Miasms, curses, beliefs and more

  • Fortifies auric, astral and Oversoul “shields” and your spiritual helmet

  • Fills the void created by removal of negative energies with the highest vibration of Love and Light

  • Clears and heals entities such as ghosts, Dark Angels, demons, Lower realm, Dark watchers, and Monkey demons within seconds

  • Clears extraterrestrial interferences including projected negative thought forms, implants/devices, Dimensional Rifts, and manipulating frequencies

  • Clears the underlying imbalances causing someone to attract or be vulnerable to entities including addictions, negative beliefs, unresolved trapped emotions, heart walls, psychic traumas etc.

  • Dissolves energetic cords, implants, tethers, markers, weapons, negative filters, entity cloaking devices, booby traps, reverse shields, hexes, curses, negative vows, etc.

  • Calls on higher level help such as the Archangels, Emissaries, Ascended Masters and other High Vibrational Light Beings to assist when needed

Jacob's Story

"I went from being a broke college kid to landing a $1000 job in one week!"

“I was broke. Being a Millennial in college, I really needed to manifest some money fast, but had few ideas and not a lot of good leads. Dr. Karen suggested that I use the Ascension product targeted towards my money and prosperity blocks. I used it daily for a week and not only did I successfully manifest a $1000 job within that week, I got a couple more in the works. And these are NOT the usual menial jobs flipping burgers that so many people my age end up with. In these jobs, I actually get to utilize a specific skillset that I enjoy and am good at in order to help these companies grow their businesses…and as a side benefit, I get to learn more about marketing for when I’m ready to launch my own business. It’s a win-win! You should definitely give this energy healing stuff a whirl. I was skeptical, but it really works!”

“My 7 year old’s “monsters” are gone!”

“I'm on holiday and have nothing but my phone. But my 7 year old daughter felt a monster in her head at bedtime. She was crying, and screaming. I put a Y-Age Aeon phototherapy patch on her neck, Silent Night patch on her foot, I sang to her and her sister told stories…nothing helped. Finally I turned the music on. And she calmed down and fell asleep within two minutes!! And she had a quiet sleep - no nightmares unlike the two nights before when she was screaming and shouting!

I must say it works wonders on my daughter. I have played the music for 3 nights at bedtime, and she has, all by herself, taken off her clothing and started brushing her teeth. That never happens - normally she runs around doing anything else. And yesterday she was very sad, and she cried and was unhappy, but again in a couple of minutes (after playing the MP3) she was happy again. Great tool. Thanks.”

~ Hanne-Meisler Christensen

“Immediate abundance!”

“The healing Ascension 1 MP4 is awesome and I had it playing overnight and definitely it is doing its job. Just today, another healer gave me a free 1 on 1 session without me even asking, at a time frame of maybe 2 minutes just after I had just made the mental petition that I needed to connect with someone for the issue that came up at that moment. I can only attribute it all to the clearings being done with this product.

Just today I met with a potential customer who wants to eagerly work with me providing my services. My sincere thanks and appreciation to you, Dr. Karen. Loved the visuals as well as the music – it is very relaxing and at the same time very healing. Felt lots of release as I listened and viewed the video. Much light, love and tons of blessings for all that you are doing for all. Please share this testimony as needed so others can benefit from this.”

~ Luis Peterson

“Less worries, fears, and doubts - and my relationship with my husband is better!”

“This MP4 is indeed a wonderful tool for people suffering from pain, chronic health issues, and relationship issues. I experienced a lot of tingling and energy moving in my body the first time I listened to it. I experienced a lot of lightness and lifting away of densities in my field and body. I am sleeping better. It seems to have affected my relationship with my husband and our communication seems to have improved a lot. My worries, fears and doubts have gone down a lot. It is a wonderful tool, not only for individual use, but also by practitioners of alternative medicine too e.g. massage therapists, acupuncturists in their practices etc. Look forward to more wonderful tools from Dr. Karen!”

~ Kulpreet

Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing and Integration

This program is a multilayered infusion of healing frequencies that work like a magic wand to download and activate positive healing frequencies and to assist in integrating your Ascension into higher dimensions. You just play the program and focus your attention on your target and the program does the heavy lifting for you. Using the combined power of the archangels, called TOLPAKAN™ healing, this product is infused with powerful beneficial energies and Morphic fields that shift your reality to a higher state of health, joy and well-being. It will benefit whatever or whomever you target. It is called All-in-One because it supports healing in all lives (past, present, future), all dimensions, and all Universes and is energetically updated weekly as new information is available with each Ascension upgrade. Here is a partial list of what Ascension 2 is capable of doing:

  • Elevates your Vibration in the Highest and Best way and increases your processing speed and decreases your detoxification symptoms
  • Downloads and activates beneficial Morphic fields for the Assemblage beam (the vortex that creates the rest of your body) and all blueprints for a radiantly healthy body
  • Download and activates supportive nature energies such as the frequency of beneficial crystals, essential oils, planets, stars, colors, sounds
  • Download and activates beneficial Morphic fields and frequencies of positive emotions such as passion, joy, peace, acceptance, forgiveness and Oneness
  • Download and activates beneficial Morphic fields to speed up your ability to integrate new Ascension upgrades physically, mentally, spiritually, energetically, emotionally and dimensionally
  • Downloads and activates the abilities to dial up or down your spiritual “clair” gifts: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, clairgustience, clairessence, claircognizance
  • Downloads and activates beneficial energies to create and maintain healthy boundaries physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically, dimensionally and spiritually
  • Downloads and reinforces the TOLPAKAN™ attunement which allows you to focus your intentions with archangel energies for the purposes of healing, “weather magic”, “traffic magic” and other creative endeavors that are of benefit to all of humanity
  • Balances the energy body including major and minor chakras, aura, hara line and other parts of your energy body
  • Supports Reconnection to Mother Earth’s heart, the Christ grid, and the grid of the Universe
  • Increases your ability to access and connect with Source and Higher Self

“Speed-healing of a deep laceration!”


“Recently, I was using a circular saw and accidentally cut my left thigh. The wound was deep and cut through most of the muscle in my inner thigh. The pain was intense. After it was stitched up, I was stiff and sore. Every movement hurt. Sleeping hurt. Sitting hurt. I took a few oxycodone but was constipated for days and I didn’t want to have to take it. I was looking for viable natural alternatives.

During my first remote session, Dr. Karen was immediately guided to focus healing to my home environment and my protective auric shield. I never told Dr. Karen, but the night before, I felt dark forces/energy threatening and heading towards me. It was dominating my thoughts during our session because I knew the arrival was imminent and I was physically vulnerable.

After our session, an angel with the same namesake as my great grandmother came to visit me. The dark forces/energy never came – they were cleared! Possible further injury may have occurred if not for Dr. Karen's deep insight into my overall healing. I was able spend most of the evening after our session sitting in a chair with my leg at 10 degrees. Then I was able to sleep without pillow support under the leg and be naturally pain free throughout the night and was even able to roll onto the left (injured) side with right leg overtop.

I felt chafing sensations near the wound and began feeling rebuilding activity in leg - new and different sensations that all felt like growth. Occasionally I noticed involuntary tremors in leg. It is pretty amazing to be able to feel the healing happening! There is obvious visual healing at the suture site and the wound is beginning to close.

I finally had a natural bowel movement. Well formed - no diarrhea. I meditated this morning. I was able to stretch, stand, and sit with crutch assistance. Wow. I’m feeling really positive and strong - looking forward to the future! What a dramatic difference. I highly recommend Dr. Karen’s energy work to anyone looking to heal naturally and quickly.”

~ Kevin Shaw, New York

“My entire classroom went from upset to happy! ”

“I’m a teacher and a very busy mom of two boys. Dr. Karen’s newest blessing to my life is the Ascension 1 and 2 products which I am using in every aspect of my life. I am seeing really amazing results! The other day I had a swollen ankle and directed the Ascension energies to it. Before I knew it, the pain and swelling went away, and the next day it was completely gone.

I am a mom with a 7 year old boy who doesn’t like doing things, unlike my 4 year old who is game for anything. My 7 year old grumbles about doing anything. So I directed the Ascension products to my older son and after a few minutes, he was like “okay mom, I’m ready to go”. I’ve been directing the Ascension energies to him regularly and he has just had this amazing glowing smile on his face. There is something that is really changing or allowing him to be more of the person he truly is without things getting in the way.

I am a teacher and last year I had a challenging class. They came with a lot of anger and emotional problems; constantly fighting with one another. I started playing the Ascension product for that class specifically. It was near the end of the school year and with the weather being nice the kids normally behave worse, but instead, they calmed right down; they were being nice and saying how they were going to miss this class. It was a complete 360 degree turn-around! I’m just so grateful for Dr. Karen and her Ascension 1 and 2!”

~ Sarah C, teacher

Package A:

  • Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection MP4 Video (Value $405) 20 min
  • Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection MP3 audio (Value $151) 15 min
  • Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection MP3 SILENT (Value $204) 60 min
  • Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing and Integration MP4 Video (Value $531) 20 min
  • Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing and Integration MP3 audio (Value $211) 15 min
  • Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing and Integration MP3 SILENT (Value $345) 60 min
  • Instructional video on how to use the Ascension products MP4 Video (Value $10) approx. 5 min

Package A Bonuses:

  • How to make your own Clearing and Protection room spray – MP4 energy-infused video with instructions. (Value $45) 3 min
  • Clearing Ghosts and Entities – Webinar Class MP4 Video (Value $38) 119 min
  • Online access to 2016 Holistic Healing Event – Supercharge Your Natural Healing Abilities. Seven Workshops (Value $ 374):
  • Assessing Your Healing Potential - Beyond Brain Balancing 60 min
  • Connecting Food with Spirit - nourish and balance your chakras 62 min
  • Qigong - an ancient Chinese healing practice to increase health and vitality 55 min
  • Body Dowsing - how to access your Intuition for self-healing 59 min
  • Energy Clearing - exercises to support you through Ascension with Ease and Grace 37 min
  • Introduction to Traditional Whole Foods – Weston A. Price 40 min
  • Introduction to TOLPAKAN™ healing 67 min
  • Online access to 2015 Holistic Health Conference for people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain: Six recorded workshops (Value $275):
  • Muscle Testing to tap into your intuition 65 min
  • Top Anti-inflammatory foods 83 min
  • The Emotion Code 59 min
  • Expert Panel Q & A 57 min
  • Gluten-free cooking class/demo 56 min
  • Healing Touch and Connecting your Chakras 39 min
  • Advanced Energy Medicine for Natural Pain Relief 75 min

Package B includes everything above and:

  • Light Warrior Bootcamp:
  • Light Warrior Bootcamp consisting of 4 Modules of "Recorded" replays online and downloadable with handouts and PDF handouts. Replays will be downloadable MP4s (Value $297)
  • Module 1: Personal Clearing 90 min
  • Module 2: Home and Environment Clearing 90 min
  • Module 3: Clearing electronic devices 90 min
  • Module 4: Clearing astral/sleep realms 90 min

Package B Bonuses:

  • Detoxifying and Rejuvenating Your Energy Body – Webinar class MP4 Video (Value $45) 89 min
  • Law of Attraction Home Study Course – recorded live at the Law of Attraction Intensive (Value $197)
  • Six audio MP3’s approx. 70 min each
  • Law of Attraction Companion Workbook in PDF
  • Private Facebook Group – Community support, Ascension updates, private live healing downloads. (Value $563)

Package C: everything above plus:

  • One 25 minute 1:1 TOLPAKAN ™ laser-focused clearing/healing session via phone/online meeting with Dr. Karen which will be recorded (downloadable MP3) together with a written summary of the session (Value $297)

Note: The Video's in this package are large files and are of high quality as they contain powerful activations and hence the file size is not compressed in order to not compromise the efficiency of these activations. High speed internet is recommended to download the videos.

  • Ascension All-in-One Clearing and Protection MP4 Videos & MP3 Audios
  • Instructional video to use the Ascension products
  • Packg A (4) Bonuses

Total Package Value $2,579

Discount: 96% Off

  • Ascension All-in-One Clearing and Protection MP4 Videos & MP3 Audios
  • Instructional video to use the Ascension products
  • Packg A (4) Bonuses
  • Light Warrior Bootcamp consisting of 4 Modules of "Recorded" replays online and downloadable with handouts
  • PDF handouts
  • Packg B (3) Bonuses

Total Package Value $3,681

Discount: 96% Off

Here’s what’s included in the package

Package A


Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection

Value: $405

Format: MP4 video

Length: 20 minutes

Ascension 1 MP4 is an energy healing experience of sight, sound and energy. The etheric Alpha brainwave music is infused with TOLPAKAN™ healing energies to remove negative energies of all types from all time lines and dimensions. The multidimensional artwork adds a layer of visual integration and healing at the highest level. Click PLAY, set a positive intention on what you want it to heal, whether it be your pain, sleep, finances or relationships for example, then immerse yourself in this audiovisual healing for ten or twenty minutes a day for deep healing!

“Nightmares gone!”

“I've been using Karen Kan's MP3 for a while now and I love it! The reason I was interested in the MP3 was because my dreams often turned ominous, like in a horror movie where things are going along just fine but then the lighting changes and the soundtrack changes and you know something bad is about to happen. My Higher Self and Guides woke me up before the dreams shifted totally into nightmares (by nightmares I mean I was being attacked/implanted) but I wanted to take it a step further and address the reason why my dreams turned into nightmares in the first place.

Since listening to the recording the past month, I've only had one dream that started to go bad. Prior to using the recording it happened 3-5 times a week, sometimes nightly. This has been a big change for me and I appreciate it! I am also sleeping through the night better, instead of waking up and going back to sleep repeatedly. I feel like my sleep is deeper and better quality as a result.Thank you!”

~ Linda Oneness


Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection

Value: $151

Format: MP3 Audio

Length: 15 minutes

The Ascension 1 MP3 audio has the same infused energy clearing frequencies with high vibrational music. You will hear Dr. Karen’s Activation prayer and TOLPAKAN™ healing commands that you can emulate even when you are not listening to this MP3. This can be played daily each morning to clear layer by layer of imbalances from past present and future lives. Click PLAY, set a positive intention on what you want it to heal, and then go about your day.

“Repels Toxic People!”

jen-burns“What I have found to be the biggest difference with playing this audio is an immense calming effect - in short "the calm amidst the storm." I found myself in a situation where I was surrounded by toxic people and it helped create a "bubble" of incredible sense of calm and relaxation. Interestingly enough, the "toxic people" stopped coming around!”

~ Jen Burns


Ascension 1 All-in-One Clearing and Protection

Value: $204

Format: Silent MP3 (frequencies only)

Length: 60 minutes

Ascension 1 silent MP3 is infused with the same powerful TOLPAKAN™ energies for clearing and protection and is best used when silence is preferred (for example, at work, at a friend’s house, or at the store or during sleep). Click PLAY, set a positive intention on what you want it to heal, and then go about your day.

“Three weeks of happy!!! ”

“I have been using the silent soundness MP3 when I get back home from work. The MP3 is strategically played at a time where my energy gets low. I have been using it since Monday. It actually helps me be and stay in my happy energy and in a peaceful state. It assists me in releasing negativity from the day and allows me to focus on myself and being happy. I love this MP3. I am going to see what happens if I loop it for all day Saturday and Sunday!!! Thank you. The MP3 is a gift right now. I am celebrating 3 consecutive weeks of staying happy!!!!!!”

~ Sandhya D. Srivastava

“Laughter. Love. Lightness. I will not stop playing this!!”

“Yes, I MUST share my experience. I was fortunate enough to be part of From Heartache to Joy’s VIP Backstage Pass & I asked Dr. Karen to choose what she felt was best for me. I listened faithfully for a week, then received another 1-on-1 backstage pass & it was determined that I should stop ALL outside contact for at least a week. I agreed. I did give my feedback for that first week. Amaze-balls. I waited a week & have been continuously listening each night with my earbuds plus playing the silent MP3 at work every chance I get..which is a LOT.

Every time I play it, I find Harmony. Laughter. Love. Lightness. Peeps show grace even when they start out without it. So fabulous. So beautiful. So congruent to where we are headed! I will not stop playing this!! My boyfriend even likes it now. At first it was too 'woo-woo' for him. LOL. Continuing to spread the JOY! Thank you Dr. Karen.”

~ Shelby Shock


Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing & Integration

Value: $531

Format: MP4 video

Length: 20 minutes

The Ascension 2 MP4 is an energy healing experience of sight, sound and vibration. The beautiful Theta brainwave music is infused with TOLPAKAN™ healing energies to help you ascend to a higher vibration while downloading and activating positive energy from a variety of sources. The multidimensional artwork adds a layer of visual integration and healing at the highest level.

Click PLAY, set a positive intention on what you want it to heal, whether it be your pain, sleep, finances or relationships for example. Then immerse yourself in this audiovisual healing for ten or twenty minutes a day for deep healing!

“I’m calm and grounded even in challenging situations”

“I wanted to say a word for Karen Kan. Her MP3s are really powerful and I find that I am working through a lot when I listen to them at night while I sleep. Thanks for all! I am able to step back from challenging situations and examine them from a calmer perspective. For example, I just started teaching for the first time ever, and though I am still learning, I am able to face a classroom full of students feeling more grounded. I can always use more help with college freshmen. 🙂 Also, I am chipping away at my issues with relationships by using the energy to bring in the right person, while working on my own stuff.”

~ Violet Runningwater

“Miraculous turnaround! My son’s severe grief
transformed into love and affection…”

“I apologize for not contacting you earlier, the reason being a death in the family that affected my son while we were holidaying in America in August. His grandfather, who was like a father to him, died and it was traumatic getting a flight back home in time for the funeral. We did make it back on time. My son was not coping with the death at all after the funeral. He locked himself in his room, all in darkness, crying, depressed and angry - not talking to me or his grandmother. He was not eating much either.

On Monday, after asking God for help to heal his soul, I sat here in the chair and was inspired to go to the Ascension 2 program I got from you in the Backstage pass. I had to start it all over again and I chose the list making option. I made a list requesting healing for my son and love shown to all around him including me, to heal his anger, depression, hurt, and all his problems he is going through in life. I used my list every day and listened to the mp3. I played the silent one every day after and I watched the mp4 video every other day.

Then a miracle happened on Saturday morning. He came out of his room, all happy and smiling, and took a shower after 4 days! He ate breakfast and interacted with his grandmother and me. He told her he loved her and kissed her. That day, the two of us had a proper intelligent conversation about his future etc. for the first time in a long time without any arguments. It felt good. I could feel the love and respect in his energy towards his granny and me.

Sunday it continued. He interacted with us, demonstrating a lot of love to both of us with a lot of laughter. The turnaround was amazing and I expect it to continue! I will continue to use the Ascension 2 program every day until he is healed. What I know: Ascension 2 is powerful.

Today, Monday, he continues to do well, showing love and affection, and not hiding away from the world. I am feeling a different energy when I am around him now. Now, he is looking forward to his University studies, which starts next month. I am so excited for this breakthrough. Thank You. With Love and Gratitude”

~ Carol


Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing & Integration

Value: $211

Format: MP3 Audio

Length: 15 minutes

The Ascension 2 MP3 audio has the same powerful TOLPAKAN™ infused energy frequencies as the video together with beautiful relaxing music. You will hear Dr. Karen’s Activation prayer and TOLPAKAN™ healing commands that you can emulate even when you are not listening to this MP3. This can be played daily each afternoon or evening to add beneficial healing frequencies to help you integrate ascension energies and to heal on all levels. Click PLAY, set a positive intention on what you want it to heal, and then go about your day.

“I’ve moved homes and wasn’t even stressed!”

“The major change I've experienced is I've just moved homes, and as much as I had too much to do, I've been so calm and relaxed through the whole process and somehow everything I needed was falling into place. It took 2 days to get the house - how awesome...not to mention I was doing it all by myself. I've had enough energy to even unpack and arrange most rooms Karen Kan! Blessings - can't wait to see what’s next - truly grateful for this opportunity! Much Love.”

~ Melissa Riko

“ I saw two entities leave me.”

“I used Karen Kan's Ascension 2 sound MP3 for two weeks, and honestly now I'm really excited for her package because I had a very strong reaction to it. In the first week especially, a lot of heavy and dense energies and deep depression that I didn't even know was there, lifted out of me, and I saw at least two previously uncleared entities (and I do a lot of clearing/healing work) that were removed thanks to this audio, and I'm sure more were removed by the audio. This audio removed a lot of density from my body, from my energy centers, and from my field, and I really enjoyed it.”

~ Anna Marbeck


Ascension 2 All-in-One Healing & Integration

Value: $345

Format: Silent MP3 (frequencies only)

Length: 60 minutes

The Ascension 2 silent MP3 is infused with the same powerful TOLPAKAN™ energies for healing and integration, and is best used when silence is preferred (for example, at work, at a friend’s house, or at the store or during sleep). Click PLAY, set a positive intention on what you want it to heal, and then go about your day.

“I landed a better paying job”

“I loved the energy received during these 2 long weeks of listening to the MP3’s especially the silent one. I was listening while deeply pressured to find a job after redundancy in my previous job (in which I was with the company 7 years). During the third week, which was last week, I landed a good job - even better pay than the previous one. I give the credit to Dr. Karen’s work. I do not give my recommendation without proof. I will recommend it to anyone who is looking to increase strength, vitality and concentration towards turning the impossible to possible. Dr. Karen Kan is a wonderful human-being who is always looking to help others grow to achieve their spiritual connection.”

~ Sidibeh Edi

Bonus 1

Clearing Ghosts and Entities Training Class

Format: MP4 video

Length: 119 minutes

In this class, Dr. Karen shares her insights on the “risk factors” for attracting ghosts and entities, the five main types of entities, and three simple strategies you can use to remove them without being an energy healer.

“What a big clearing!”

“Dr. Karen Thanks for your excellent presentation the other night. I stayed up from 1am to 3am to listen! The clearing you did beforehand was quite intense and I felt nauseous for a few minutes after -a sure sign for me that some big energy pattern is clearing. I've been using your clearing and protection MP3 and have been detoxing the last couple of days. The TOLPAKAN™ attunement felt wonderful and the back of my heart chakra lights up when I remember it. Thank you again! Big Hugs.”

~ Danielle Mura

Bonus 2

Online access to 2016 Holistic Healing Event video replays

Value: $374

Format: Video - Online access

Length: 6 Hours

In this bonus you’ll have access to over 6 hours of video from 7 different workshops on holistic healing and how to supercharge your healing potential. Classes include:

  • Assessing Your Healing Potential - Beyond Brain Balancing 60 min
  • Connecting Food with Spirit - nourish and balance your chakras 62 min
  • Qigong - an ancient Chinese healing practice to increase health and vitality 55 min
  • Body Dowsing - how to access your Intuition for self-healing 59 min
  • Energy Clearing - exercises to support you through Ascension with Ease and Grace 37 min
  • Introduction to Traditional Whole Foods – Weston A. Price 40 min
  • Introduction to TOLPAKAN™ healing 67 min

“Holistic Healing event – playlist”

Bonus 3

Online access to 2015 Holistic Healing conference for people with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain video replays

Value: $275

Format: Video - Online access

Length: 7 Hours

In this bonus you’ll have access to over 7 hours of video from the 2015 Holistic Health Conference focusing on chronic pain and fibromyalgia. Workshops include:

  • Muscle Testing to tap into your intuition 65 min
  • Top Anti-inflammatory foods 83 min
  • The Emotion Code 59 min
  • Expert Panel Q & A 57 min
  • Gluten-free cooking class/demo 56 min
  • Healing Touch and Connecting your Chakras
  • Advanced Energy Medicine for Natural Pain Relief 75 min