1 Day Intensive & Digital Course with Kass

#1 1 Day Intensive in Dubai

($400.00 Value) Included with your purchase

How to Become Money: A 1 Day Intensive with Kass Thomas

"Kass high powered presentation and ease in communication opens the door to a whole new way of looking at, playing with and enjoying making money with ease. A must buy workshop!" - SC, London

We all know it...

We would love to have more money in our lives or have more ease with the money we do have in our lives. But for some insane reason we don’t allow ourselves this.

#2 5 Mp3s

($300.00 Value) Included with your purchase

5 Module Course on Living Light

"... you've got to be willing to have awareness where there is light and heavy and you got to get the difference. " - Gary Douglas

​5 calls with bonus call with special guests Gary Douglas and others.

    Become your own guru :
  • Know the right choice for you every time.
  • More ease in business, money, with bodies and in relationships.

#3 7 Steps to Flawless Communication: How to establish true connection with yourself and everything around you

($25.00 Value) Included with your purchase

Kass has written this little guidebook to help you uncover your true communicative nature.

"That there is so much more that connects us than that separates us is something I've somehow always known. The fact that there is very little manifested in this reality to encourage that has never dissuaded me.” - Kass Thomas

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1 Day Intensive & Digital Course with Kass

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