Katherine McIntosh: Ending Self-Judgement

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

Would you like to eliminate & eradicate judgment?

This conversation is designed to get you to see your body as changeable with total ease. It’s to help you wake up and stop the cycle of diet lies.

As you know, the tools of Access are powerful and can help people change the things they think they cannot change. What is possible with your body?

Katherine McIntosh is an International speaker and facilitator on the topics of health, wealth, business, body, consciousness, and living a vibrant lifestyle.

She is a Consultant & Body Expert who combines the wisdom of the body with the possibilities for business and personal expansion. She has helped thousands of people change the things they think they cannot change.

Katherine wrote the forward for the #1 best seller, The Energy of Expansion, was featured in The Untamed Entrepreneur, and is an author of 2 new books including The Energy of Healing and Creativity!

Katherine has spoken in front of royalty and government officials in Dubai and Bahrain, has traveled the globe and played with leaders, shakers, and movers from all walks of life.

She is the founder of the No Judgment Diet, an International course in possibilities for the body that has helped hundreds of people in over 18 different countries get out of judgment with their bodies to create the business and life they love!

Katherine works with business owners, leaders, movers, and shakers to energize the areas of their life where something is missing. Her clients have ranged from high-profile musicians who have topped the Billboard Charts for longer with more success, Hollywood Actors going after their dreams and landing bigger roles, Business Owners increasing their revenues by over 100x, High End consultants who have tripled their client outreach and income, decreased their stress and burnout, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Investors, Venture Capitalists, Well known international Speakers who improve their health, wealth, vitality, and relationships.

Katherine is an expert working with the energies and systems of the body to change the entire blueprint of someone’s life. Katherine treats each person from the perspective that their situation is unique. She specifically caters to the needs & desires by accessing the unknown and unwanted patterns of behavior that are underneath the surface. Through her work, she accesses these energies and helps change them so the impact spreads to every area of life.

Katherine is able to work with such a broad range of clients, people, businesses, and situations because she works with the energy of the business and the genius each person brings to the table. Her results range from changing physical structure and disease in someone’s body (including immune deficiencies and various forms of cancer, as well as taking someone from 5 figures a month to 7 figures a month and beyond.

Katherine has traveled the world and experienced life to its fullest in every area. She’s built several businesses from the ground up, ran a real estate empire, managed a $65 million dollar a year company in her 20’s, lived in South America, translated documents for IBM, taught Business English to petroleum companies in Ecuador, was an avid soccer player and downhill skier. Loves mountains, beaches, and unexplored lands she hasn’t yet seen. She played with Shaman’s in the jungles of South America, studied to get her Master’s in Somatic Psychology, has an incredible knowing of the brilliance of the body, and has started over from life’s challenges, and gets that life is meant to be lived and celebrated.

Katherine’s genius is that she can hold everything. She has a knack for diving right to the root and creating strategies that allow you to navigate the journey of your joy with full permission and expression.

Katherine is based in Colorado, and travels all over the globe with her four-year old son. Always up for an adventure, Katherine will create the experience you’ve been asking for!

​What are you waiting to create? Is now the time?