What Resources Does Jeneth Use To Build Her Business?

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

What’s your creative process in choosing what products and resources you use to grow your business?

Do you start with what you’ve seen and experienced or do you ask the best entrepreneurs? (Be honest)

Here’s how we do it at Real Raw YOU and Life Design School. I call it the Exploration Process.

When starting a new project, business or purchasing software or products — I like to start with an empty space. Not nothing, a field of possibilities!

Now, this is a very different approach, please read/listen carefully.

Here’s how the Visioneering Exploration Process works.

1. First you start from a place of ZERO lack and limitation. You need to remove any and all doubts and trust this process. Can you suspend those doubts while you read this letter? This is about creating for a greater world.

2. Now, open the LOVE gate! What do you love? Who do you love? Who do you love working/playing with? You may already know this — and it’s very important to open that resonate frequency. For example if you are a coach and you work with a specific clientele (that you love) — this may be a question to open you and the creation to more … more love … more clients.

3. Now for the fun part. Start asking. Ask what others require from you. Ask what do you require. Ask you and them what you/they would like and how much longer you/they are willing to live with it.

4. Now, look for trends / has it be mentioned more than once?

5. What’s now required?

The Exploration Process is an ongoing process. Be. Explore. Expand.


NOW, you are starting to choose the whispers of consciousness.

Woo hoo!

The average person is bombarded with excuses, settles for just being okay, and continuously struggles to get things going. The people who know and act on their potential – despite limiting fears – are the same people who time and time again expand their wealth creation and comfort zones. Whether it’s conditioning their bodies into a state of peak performance or juggling multiple million dollar businesses, change agents are constantly taking hold of their own energies.

Now, do you want to know what we use at the Real Raw You?



My Microphone

Phantom power supply that goes with it

The Cable So You Can Use From USB on Laptop