Activating YOUR Higher Consciousness Energy LightBody and Crystalline Structure from Within

Quantum Light Activations to
activate, rest, sleep & integrate

These Quantum Light Activations speak to your multi-dimensional, ascended aspect and human you, on a cellular and field level. You need not listen to every word, unless you are able to stay awake. It’s more important that you drift and sleep as long as necessary to fully integrate the light encodements activated through listening and absorption.

In the beginning, photonic light is heavy/groggy/foggy and moves you beyond the Matrix to assists you with expanding through the Quantum Field to EXPERIENCE a New EXISTENCE, that starts subtly and holds no form. Floating and space are natural and completely foreign to your human aspect, so be patient, present, go slow and allow your body to raise its vibration for Physical Body Ascension and Universal Higher Self/Soul Embodiment to occur. Integration of the immensity and vastness of your own higher realm aspects occurs easier as you do.

As you sleep, you are clearing unconscious timelines, so that more conscious ones can come forth easier for you. As you anchor and integrate this profound light within you, your realities will become more fluid and less “fixed”. Anchoring your highest dreams into your physical means sleeping to activate and realizing what in your current life no longer supports your new/highest existence here. New clarity assists with re-focusing your precious energy on what’s truly important here.

Your body is waking up, and releasing all suppression on a cellular level, activating Crystalline DNA through the purity of high frequency light to integrate through rest, relaxation, nature and an immense amount of sleep to dissolve the veils of amnesia that your body held, inhibiting the ability to expand into infinite dimensions as a Multi-Dimensional Light BEing here. ♥

​MP3 Audio Quantum Crystalline
LightBody Sleeping Activations

Quantum Light Encoded Frequency Activations assist with relaxed holographic visualizations while activating your higher consciousness and multi-dimensional aspects from within you. You just honor body/mind resting & sleep to absorb and further activate your NEW Crystalline Star Light BEing DNA to unlock these dormant encodements that hold energetic memories inside. The more you listen, sleep to integrate, practice/apply to anchor, the more these absorb and continually activate your own light codes further each time! These speak directly to your cellular programs and higher consciousness aspects too. Please note that the activation of your own Light can (is supposed to) “trigger” (activate) any old unconscious programming held deep inside that were hidden and not visible before. These emerge from your cellular memory and also play out in your own physical reality world. Your conscious awareness of how this process works is important, as both occur simultaneously, which is how the Awakening, Ascension/Descension/Merging and Purification processes work. Honor you at all times!

The initial “Quantum Light Preparation” MP3 Download included will walk you through the relaxation process to get ready to activate your consciousness for expansion, spinning, traveling, clearing, cleansing, purifying and remembering more from within!

P.S. Light Activations & all of Lisa’s Light Encoded Work will focus on raising your vibration/expansion, activating a shift of consciousness and your body/mind will often weaken/relax/need to sleep which is necessary for deeper integration all through the awakening process, for clearing the body’s template and assisting with a cellular release. Your LightBody activating can be felt energetically as you start to tune-in more. Electrical surges, tingling, numbness (and more) are a sign that your body is waking up. This physical awakening means the release of anything suppressed and will correlate to your physical reality and what occurs on a daily basis. Expanding your consciousness allows you to shift your perceptions easier, therefore your reality too!

Honor your body. It’s working hard on a cellular level for you! All of this is your chosen Soul’s journey. Heart wide open! Let’s DO this as LOVE! ♥

#1 Quantum Light Activation Preparation

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

6 minutes
To assist you with the activation and integration process. Do first.

#2 Activating the Belief Frequency, Ancient Portals & Magical Realm from Within

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

6:46 minutes
We exist in a vibration, and our perceived reality is the one we believe. Ancient portals allow the vibrational manifestation of all realms beyond human perception, such as unicorns, faeries and galactic ships. In this activation, Lisa guides us to remembering the power we hold within. When we doubt, we close the door to seeing beyond the human experience, and thus close the portals we have access to. Resistance is our block to seeing beyond the veils. Open up your heart and allow yourself to see again.

#3 Understanding the Illusion and Reality of Fear

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

13:23 minutes
While fear is an illusion that we all at first believe, it is very real while we are in it. This activation will walk you through releasing fear, releasing it from your body, understanding the purpose and how it affects the physical when the Merkaba activates when one is physically Ascending.

#4 Understanding the Higher Realms and Lower Realms Within

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

13:46 minutes
All dimensions are within you and float around outside your head. Experience this activation to fully understand. You are taken through a new understanding transmitted and activating you in light. WE go inside so that you can see yourself as a Star Being and Master again.

#5 Cutting Cords of Attachment to the Old

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

7 minutes
In order to transcend it, we have to recognize it so that we can release the resistance and it with greater ease. See what you are attached to. See how they affect your field. Every attachment slows your spin. Clear all cords and stand in your power within the higher frequencies.

#6 3-Part LightBody/Merkaba Activation Visualizations

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

1 hour and 17 minutes
Unification of all of our bodies (mental, physical, emotional, energy), our aspects/selves, increases our UNIFIED FIELD SPIN. Doing the opposite of separation/human will reverse-field-spin. Zero point is where all comes to a halt, reverses, merges/unifies and our field starts to spin in the other direction, clearing distortions and connecting us up AS the ENTIRE UNIVERSE again. This 3-part activation will assist you with this, activating codes and sequences within you and your field of consciousness for merging. Sleep to integrate easier, nature and alone time too. Drink more clean water to assist with high frequency electromagnetic light energy of your own spirit/soul inside of your body. Do these as often as you like, separately, together, however they work most for you. This is a powerful activation that will work subtly continually once you do it.

Part 1: I AM a LightBody, Cosmic Portal, Universal BEing of LIGHT (29:05)
Part 2: The Spin, The Bubble: Unification Instead of Separation (35:04)
Part 3: The Sacred Space of WE (13:18)

#7 You Are Being Upgraded: Super Human DNA Upgrades: We Are The Elohim

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

7:21 minutes
Understand how we are all going through a purification process and as humans we don’t understand. Returning to our original template. Recorded with the Energies of The Elohim.

#8 Crystalline HUman Star-BEing DNA Frequency Activation

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

22:25 minutes
The human body is becoming a crystalline star being. We are evolving as a star, and many things will occur that do not make sense as a human. In this activation, Lisa guides you through activating and reprogramming your cells consciously during this transition. As we ascend, the less the old programs exist and the more the human body can be reprogrammed and restructured. Crystalline star particles become visible under the skin as our crystalline essence becomes more visible. There is nothing to heal or fix, but we can repair by allowing this restructuring and integration into the crystalline star being. This is about conscious reprogramming and connecting to our bodies at a cellular level. Embrace and allow the process as the master you are.

#9 Clearing Timelines In Your Sleep

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

13:56 minutes
Sleep is the most magnificent way to “work” here. We can bypass so much human experience stuff now! We get to clear and jump timelines without our mind needing to be involved at all. WE use the sleep state for us! This will activate these “knowledge codes” so that you can consciously be clearing and jumping at-will!

#10 Anchoring the 5th Dimension, NEW Earth & Your Higher Self Aspects From Within

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

45 minutes
This is a continual process of awakening, expansion, contraction, cellular cleansing, recognizing, choosing, unifying and anchoring highest light encodements within our physical body forms. This is a continual process that shifts as we do, that requires sleep to integrate and observation to understand how all truly works and resolving all back into love from within. This activation takes you through a unification process to dissolve the old to return “home” with greater understanding, less resistance and so very much more fluidity and ease.

#11 The Embodiment of Christed/Crystalline & God Consciousness

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

28:25 minutes
An expansion activation for transcendence, unification, raising vibrational frequency, activating your Higher Self wisdom, Christed/Unity Consciousness, Galactic Consciousness, God Consciousness and Pure Source Light and Creator again.

#12 PDF Version of Lisa’s First Book Awakening To Remembering: A Journey of Consciousness

($50.00 Value) Included with your purchase

33 pages
You will want to read this to receive the higher frequencies of light and gain simplified understandings of the overall Ascension Process here. It is meant as an overview and to activate your soul aspect so that you can shift easier from the old human perceptions into how all truly came to be, what things really are and open a portal, a gateway into you connecting with your own soul and higher self aspect for embodiment in the physical here.

#13 3 1⁄2 Hour Group Session in MP3 Audio Format: Recorded July 23, 2016

($100.00 Value) Included with your purchase

● Quantum Jumping: moving through realities, waking up in new realities, working in the moment, clearing timelines

● Maintaining 5th Dimensional Consciousness: balance as an art form

● Conscious Relationships: honoring vs compromising, how relationships shift during ascension, unity consciousness, empowering vs. enabling in relationships

● Everything Ascension: cellular body upgrades, expanding consciousness, not getting caught up in the symptoms and the labels, honoring the process, physical body waking up

● Alignment of Physical Body to Hold Light: lightening, purging, detoxifying

● Physical Body Upgrades: body filling with light, activations, expansion, crystals, misting, itching/star particle activations, eye upgrades, inflammation, solar flares

Activating YOUR Higher Consciousness Energy LightBody and Crystalline Structure from Within

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Praise for Lisa Transcendence Brown:

""Lisa T is has a rare ability, really the gift, to connect, see and feel the gamma energy that is effecting all of us on a physical level and that also has many of us experiencing a new level of ascension that has created the ability for us to be able to experience alternate physical realities in our present time. This is huge!""
John Burgos, Host of Beyond The Ordinary ​Show
""A HUGE thank you to Cari and Lisa Transcendence Brown for an amazing call. I was blessed with getting to work with Lisa live on the call, and the tools and activations from Lisa have opened up a whole new reality for me. I was ready before, but since the call, I have truly been able to claim my power and abundance. A new work opportunity came in for me today and it is awesome! I also feel that my ability to see NEW Earth has taken off, as my life looks and feels like pure magic now! Even in the midst of a big snowstorm in New England, the sky was pink, orange, and rainbow-colored amidst the gray!! So much love to you both. I know life will continue to get even better from here. My favorite takeaway from the call, "There is nothing to fear, for I'm not from here!" This one sentence alone has placed ease in so many areas of my life, knowing that I'm not meant to live as a "small human," but I am meant for expansion! Also, a thank you, Cari, for making this call replays available for free download. You rock!""
Nicole Nelson, Guest caller from Cari Murphy’s Season 2 MasterClass Series
"“Working with Lisa has helped me integrate the great teachings I knew in my head with what I know in my heart. Lisa has helped me gain clarity in all areas of my relationships and bring about a sense of peace that words can't explain. Talking with Lisa is so easy. She is like a very loving and wise sister who knows how to uncover the real issues, and usually not what I thought them to be. Each session left me with a greater sense of myself, as well as a greater love for myself and others. I see my world with infinite possibilities. Thank you so very much Lisa. I am truly grateful.”"
Shaun, Canada
"“Lisa has made a massive impact in my life, since the first time we spoke. She uses her knowing and messages to change the lives of others, by teaching people to help themselves. What I love about her technique of healing is it is teaching others to heal their own lives and not to depend on a practitioner etc to do it for you. It is so powerful to be able to access all the guidance and love I NEED from within. This is what she has 'helped' me with. I am AWARE. Thank you Lisa, I love you dearly for all the 'time', love, patience and guidance you have shown and taught me.”"
Rebecca, Australia
"“I remember being so lost and so alone & knowing there was more.... Thank you Lisa for helping me remember. Thank you for sharing your love & being dedicated to the evolution of consciousness. Aloha Ke Akua""
Kelly Walker, NV
""Lisa's call was one huge step for us all Into that multi-dimensional reality where we could shake off the illusions and BE who we are truly. She opened our eyes and activated our beings and held space for us all to travel into that place where our journey was easier because we were being our authentic selves. Words really don't do her work justice. She is a phenomenal facilitator of love and light... completely dedicated to helping us all. I've turned a huge corner in my evolution now and I can't thank her enough!! LISA DELIVERS!!!""
"“With Lisa's profound Love, support, dedication and knowing, I have come to remember my true essence of BEing. The one word that sums it up for me is Unification. The Unification of the Oneness, the connectedness to all. If you want to let go of all that you are not, and Remember all that you are, this is a journey for you. I am and always will be forever grateful to Lisa, and to my soul who called me to this wonderful Journey of Remembering. Namaste.""
Pat Cole, Ireland
"“I just love you Lisa and I am grateful for you and all your teachings and energy reports and I just wanted to say I appreciate you and that you have made a huge difference in my life and the quality of my life throughout this shift. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”"
Debra, Lancaster
"“Working with Lisa has been life-altering in the most positive ways that one could imagine. If you have the opportunity to work with Lisa, you are beyond blessed, for she is a truly amazing gift from Source and you will be forever grateful for any time spent with her.”"
Calla, NC/MN
""I feel so blessed to work with Lisa! Her books, writings and courses have changed me in a way unlike other courses I've taken - plus, she makes the Journey so much more fun! Having an Expansion Session with Lisa has also catapulted me to a new level and I truly feel just that - EXPANDED, and I know it will just keep getting better! Lisa offers many tools that, in my experience, just work - while I've been introduced to and used many tools along the way, Lisa's have just 'clicked' with me and are becoming part of who I am as I walk this path. Thank you Lisa!""
Sarah Jane, Sydney Australia
""For the last 15 years, I’ve intensely worked with teachers, monks, received initiations, took courses, traveled many times to India and the level of direct personal support Lisa Transcendence Brown offers has been something like I had never experienced . She is truly generous and fully committed to guiding you and giving you tools that efficiently reminds you the way back home to your own mastery. Time with her during our personal retreat was filled with enlightening conversations that were transmissions of Truth. She gave me tools to free my creativity and mastery to upgrade my daily life, my relationship with my partner and others and to trust in myself as a master too.”"
Prem Sarit Rose, HI
"“For the past year, I have been listening to Lisa on various teleseminars. This led me to enroll in her “New Earth Existence Program” along with reading her two books. Lisa often speaks about how we do not understand something until we have a direct experience. While reading her book Navigating Dimensions, I realized that she was describing very accurately everything that I had experienced during this past year, from waking up with songs in my head to the physical symptoms of ascension. Lisa has a grand heart and an unlimited desire to assist us all through this incredible process with grace and ease. She supports us with the same intensity that she applied to herself during her own ascension process. She is detailed, impeccable, honest, sincere and unwavering in her approach to sharing truthful information. It was through her meditation modules that I was first introduced to the Galactic High Council. Some awesome contract re-writing was done with these beings who, I know with a certainty, will see to the success of our mission here on Earth. What I admire most about her is her insistence that we turn inward to obtain our own answers so that we may become our own sovereign being directly united with Source. I am truly grateful for the energy and support Lisa provides to us all. We are blessed beyond measure through her divinity”."
Susan of Michigan
""Life Changing! Lisa Transcendence Brown's book, Navigating Dimensions, is a book every Seeker should have in their library. She has an amazing ability to take us into the 5th Dimension and beyond with her light encoded information. This information is very powerful, and yet, at its core is very simple. What I liked is the way she reminds us that we don't have to achieve anything. It's all within us. We just need to Let Go and Remember who we Are...and have always been. I couldn't put the book down, and every time I read it again, I get something else new. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to take their Awakening to the next level!""
Peggy Morgan, Amazon 5 Star Review
"“Since working with Lisa, I have noticed a greater confidence in honoring my authentic self (and need to do so) which has allowed me to truly step into my power. My friends have witnessed these rapid changes in me and are asking about working with Lisa as well. The changes are more than profound, but as I've told my friends... you must be ready for anything, and more importantly, you MUST be ready to do the work!!!""
Corey Anne DeSantis (Kauai, HI)
"“I now recognize the truth of what is happening, instead of mislabeling it as something "wrong" with me. This has truly been a time of remembering on the deepest levels of my being and my remembrances have allowed me to embrace all that is before me and to move into new dimensions living a life that is simply magical! I look forward to the magic that awaits me each and every day in this new world that I now reside in. My heart is filled with so much love and gratitude .I'm eternally grateful for Lisa following her calling and guidance as to assist those who are ready to fully ascend into their highest and fullest expression of mastery in the 5th dimension and beyond!! LOVE LOVE LOVE”"
Coach Brandi Nelson, Fort Collins, Colorado
"“Lisa is the most ideal "teacher" that exists, because she always shares authentically from her heart, holding nothing back and never speaking from ego. She gives everything to help others and she is extremely skillful at helping another see his/her own blocks in order to immediately transcend them to come to a place of peace within. She also provides a wealth of navigational tools for you tools to progress on your own. She is a truly amazing gift from Source and you will be forever grateful for the knowledge that she shares with you.""
Calla P. (CA)
"The Universe had this “Walk With Me Course” perfectly timed. I went through it just as I was experiencing what Lisa talked about in each video. I didn't want it to end!! I loved every bit of it. It was a lot of confirmation and realizing all things within and without. I'm in a completely different place now than I was when I first started the course. No turning back now. I'm in this journey for the long haul. Thank you Lisa! So much love for you my soul sister! <3"
Rose, Nebraska
""Dearest Lisa, thank you for sharing - I have great admiration for the work you are doing and thank you for being such an amazing Light traveling companion.""
Judith Kusel, South Africa
""Navigating Dimensions Book: Brilliant Ascension Tool! Really loved it ! Lisa explains everything about navigating dimensions extremely well. Also, there is an energetic transmission that you receive while you read the book that you can definately feel. Brilliant book !!! Definitely going to buy a hard copy of this to keep in my library.""
Jillian Bowey, Amazon 5 Star Book Review
""I have noticed that the teachers and friends that I learn the most from (and enjoy!) are the ones that "walk the talk.“ Blessed to count Lisa Brown as both friend and teacher, I have learned so much from her through both relationships. She is an amazing role model for those on the spiritual path, a gifted healer and intuitive and her dedication and devotion to sharing the Power of Love makes my heart sing! I highly, highly recommend her services, of all types, to everyone, without reservation. In LOVE!""
Joy Ayscue - The Conscious Healing Initiative (NC)
""Lisa has made a massive impact in my life, since the first time we spoke. She uses her knowing and messages to change the lives of others, by teaching people to help themselves. What I love about her technique of healing is it is teaching others to heal their own lives and not to depend on a practitioner etc to do it for you. It is so powerful to be able to access all the guidance and love I NEED from within. This is what she has 'helped' me with. I am AWARE. Thank you Lisa, I love you dearly for all the 'time', love, patience and guidance you have shown and taught me.""
Rebecca, Australia
""Lisa!! Thank you so very much. Tears of joyful release graced my cheeks as I listened to this amazing activation. I could feel the body spin, heart opening even more, imagery was beautiful! YOU are such a Blessing to us All. Much love and gratitude to you and for you.""
Sharon Tucker Caldararo, NY
""Accelerate Your Awakening! Navigating Dimensions is highly accelerating for anyone who is awakening/ascending. Wow! As soon as I started reading Lisa's first book (Awakening to Remembering) I went on quite a journey! After I began reading this book things shifted even more! I began to see magical things in my life more often (orbs, energies, molecules/particles/the spaces between, fairies, and so much more). I love Lisa and her books so much! Thank you Lisa for sharing your journey!""
Moonflower, Amazon 5 Star Review
""Everything has really opened up for me in a lovely way since our amazing Session. I have really begun to embrace the sharing part of what you taught me by your own example/life. It was huge for me to hear about your life and story, and I felt sooo connected to my own choice path. I am now letting go of shame, guilt and old beliefs entangled in illusion. I've since done 2 workshops! Can you imagine? Sold out, and totally amazing because I now choose to share myself with the world. I paint huge paintings as a part of the workshops, and I let it stand in front of the gathered circle and transmit its frequencies. The painting shown is me REMEMBERING my Multi-Dimensionality and my deep love and sisterhood with Gaia. I share it as a huge THANK YOU for showing me the way, being my guide and teacher now. I AM so proud of myself (ha ha) and happy to announce that I have hit THE MOTHERLOAD!!! Being unemployed with absolutely no money, it was not a very "wise thing" to do. BUT the Universe showed me your offer on The MotherLoad Package, and the second I decided I wanted and needed to go all the way with my path towards remembering, I suddenly sold a painting! (for the first time in years) and I sold it for the exact amount that your package cost! I just wanted to say THANK YOU Lisa. I listen to you many hours a day. I shift as I listen. It is true love!!! I just LOVE the fact that the Universe created someone like You!""
Asa Gunnarby, Sweden
""Beyond my expectations! I asked my higher self to bring me the awareness to the next phase of my ascension and OH BUY did it deliver with Lisa's book. If you are wanting to know what it is to live a life As Above or So Below or As Without - So Within then this is the book for you (Navigating Dimensions). You will know if you are ready for it if you are reading the reviews as you would not have been drawn to this book if you were not able to comprehend where you are on your personal Soul Journey. A must have if you are looking for the understanding of what you have been personally experiencing these past few years. It is an eye opener as well as a puzzle piece fitter. You will not be able to deny any longer who you are and why you are here. Enjoy the ride.""
Sunscape, Amazon 5 Star Book Review of Navigating Dimensions
""Navigating Dimensions is one of the most beautiful powerful everyday guidance, and high vibrational books that you could own. It's a must have if you are seeking to remembering who you are. ~ E. Ronnow, Amazon 5 Star Review Just love this book (Navigating Dimensions)! You can tell it's light encoded, as you read it. You can feel uplifted.""
Arlene W., Amazon 5 Star Book Review

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Activating YOUR Higher Consciousness Energy LightBody and Crystalline Structure from Within

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