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Here’s the Cliff Notes from this audio with Jeneth & Megan conversation on this revolutionary creative flow system. It’s about knowing how YOU create.

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Too many people fall into the “have to” & “how to” TRAPS.


There are 3 creator codes
1. Linear
2. Systematic
3. Organic


It’s time to give yourself permission to follow the energy.
It is your natural state of being.


What if your wrongness is your “strongness?”

All creators have a unique way of creating that’s not linear. We want to capitalize on that instead of labeling ourselves as wrong.


Use energy to break free from ruts.

One of the amazing things that came from Whisper Magic was us going through the energy and unleashing our ruts, where we wouldn’t let our brain explore the possibilities. We were set in doing things a certain way. One of the gifts of whisper maps is that the clearings go through those big limitations. I’d like to take you guys into the energetic world of whisper magic. To change the energy allows you to be more flexible when new systems come out.


How is the universe guiding you?

Everyone has unique capacities. There are things available to each of you that aren’t available to me or Jeneth. If you’re in tune with the energy of your whispers, it will connect you to your flow.

Everywhere that you don’t believe you deserve to have easy change, can we uncreate and destroy?

The areas in your life that are the easiest are easy because you’re following the whispers. Learn how to choose ease in every area of your life over struggle.


This is so much deeper than just following the whispers. Sometimes one insignificant moment can change everything.

Story time! One of my projects last year was called “ROAR.”  And I was overthinking everything. I couldn’t figure out the name of this or what’s it about. Finally, the message came through: it’s about being visible in your world. And I needed a name. What is something that people will get?

Finally, I went to a children’s play to rest my brain from trying to figure this out. And this 2 year old behind me goes “ROAR!” and it just stuck in. I’m going to call this Roar. And then the energy of the cat came through. I looked at the mannerisms of cats, how they move, pouncing and leaping…

This program profoundly changed so many lives, because they knew they weren’t showing up and being visible in their lives. Once the name came through this little girl, everything changed.

This is really about diving into just the total pleasure of creating in each moment, from how you do business to your body to your intimate relationships.


Follow the energetic bread crumbs.

One of the main places to look for genius is in those places we naturally think about. Your daydreams and fantasies hold a genius.


It can happen in the blink of an eye. If we keep asking the question for greater and greater capacities, we can perceive anything. I think that could change so many lives. If we can remain in that state of question, what’s really possible?


Let go of control to receive your whispers.

We’ve discovered some entry points. One we’ve discussed is that you have to choose that you’d like your life to be filled with joy and ease. Let go of control of what it’s supposed to look like so you can receive the whispers.


The cycle: choose, whisper, question

What we’ve found is that when people create in this way, possibilities just open, open, open. It’s changed everything.


Let go of a lifestyle of suffering to create with joy.

It’s almost a badge of honor to say that your life is so hard. So many people say, “you’ve got to get up at 5 am, and you’ve got to struggle and sweat!” Haven’t we moved on from this?

Are you willing to be the weirdo saying, “my life is AWESOME!” in a sea of people complaining about their hard, grueling day-to-day lives?


What is bringing you joy?

Make sure you’re filling your body with light, joy, and fun. Focus on how you feel after completing an activity. Do you feel fulfilled and light, or heavy and drained?


What choice will create what future?

What I used to call procrastination I now consider part of my whispers. Over and over again I discovered that if I followed these whispers, creation blooms.

When you open to those silly little inclinations, you allow yourself to create through them.


Tap into your capacities beyond what we think is possible in this reality.

Many of us have capacities we’ve never even thought of.


When we work with the Universe, we see who we are.

There’s an energetic increase in my capacities when I am playing with the whispers.


We wanted this course to be a contribution and reach many people, which is why it’s underpriced. It’s 11 MP3s for $111. Visit whispermap.com to purchase the program.

I’d like to tell you about what you’re going to experience with this work. If you are functioning from stress and hard work, this program is designed to get you out of that. It’s made to make you create faster.

It’s our design and our rhythm as organic creators to speed up and do more.

This class is about moving you into action based on your whispers. If you go to whispermap.com, there are 11 classes for $111.

Here’s The Deal

Class 1: Creating with the Now Game. This is really about knowing and seeing when you’re creating from the past or when you’re creating from the now.

1:02:00 – There’s a way that the future can contribute to us in the now. The Target Map can allow you to use the future but create in the now.

CLASS 2 & 3

1:04:00 – These classes are about moving beyond vision. For me, energetic pictures naturally come out when I think, what would I like to be or have in the next 3 to 5 years? What if I can receive that picture and energetically go into the energy of what it would be like to have and be all of that?

CLASS 4 & 5

1:05:15 – We go into the resonate frequencies. Those are the most delicious classes we have in the whole program. Class 5 took me out of the construct of this linear reality entirely.

CLASS 6-11

1:09:00: It’s about following the question. You can read it on the site, whispermap.com. It’s about architecting the future, being your yes, and being the energy of willingness.

It’s been my best selling and best program to date. I’ll try to top that in my next program, Naked.

If this calls to you, it’s whispermap.com. Megan and I are both going to put in bonuses, and you’ll get all the maps. I’m also creating a planner booklet, so you’ll get the PDF of that now. We also have a hidden program inside the Life Design School. When you’re in this program, you’re also invited to LDS Quester. That is also available – it’s a call a month on video where we go through and get you clear about whatever is up. It’s a free-form course.

1:12:10 You can practice this new form of creation and get some facilitation. It’s optional, but this digital course is pre-recorded for you to be able to play in the Life Design School.

The Back Story

Are you truly creating your projects, plans and dreams in flow?

I am now, but didn’t used to!

When I left my corporate job 12 years ago, I was constantly overwhelmed, worried and stressed out! Maybe you can relate. I created from lack, fear and doubt — AND I knew there had to be a different possibility.

Introducing… the new possibility: Whisper Mapping.

In order to grow my multi-six figure blog and coaching business, I had to find and/or create a system that would work with my attention deficient mind and body. Well, I couldn’t find a system like that so I create one!

I would love to show you how it works.

So, if you’d like to play with the tools, concepts and possibilities – join our WhisperMapping Taster Class (below) and get started with this revolutionary productivity system to work less, have more fun and be your creative genius.

The world requires your magic!

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