Going Beyond Meditation Into Quantum Activation

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •
jeneth heart beach

Let’s talk about quantum activations for a minute. It’s not sitting down cross legged and breathing.

It’s about connecting (and disconnecting)!

Disconnecting from energies not contributing to creation.
Disconnecting from other people’s energies that you’ve bought into.
Disconnecting from the lies you’ve bought about yourself.
Connecting with your essence.
Connecting with the NOW moment.
Connecting with the spaciousness that you truly are.
Connecting with the infinite possibilities.

I (like many) resisted meditation and activations because I thought it was a waste of time and I’ve even say, “It’s an escape.” Well, that can be true, but not for all of us and definitely not all the time.

When I finally I let go and tried it, I found that one choice changed the way I saw everything.

The benefits of quantum activations are so multifaceted! It allows you to connect with the greatness you truly are and from that spaciousness all kinds of magic happens.

It will change your life.

Regular practice lowers stress and makes you more resilient at stressful time. It also improves your intuitive capacities (your magic), increases blood flow and life flow.

When you witness a true quantum activation you will have more focus, harmony and become a force of nature.

If you believe you don’t have time to meditate, let’s get real.

We do the things that are important to us. If you really don’t think meditation will help you go and have a more presence and focused life — DON’T CHOOSE IT. We make time for what matters!

Oftentimes, the block that keeps you from having what you truly desire is know YOU. Maybe you just don’t know YOU as well as you think you do.

YOU as an infinite being doesn’t change unless it’s truly ASKED to change. This is why quantum activations (and quest activations like in The Retreat) are so important!

It’s about clearing past reference points so you can be in the quantum now and ASK for change!

There are so many types of activation and meditations. One of my teachers told me the best way to connect is to acknowledge yourself.

Here are some quantum activation tips!

1. Start with a five minute. Ask for the “Quantum Awesomeness” to contribute.
2. Breathe into the heart and ask to let go of the reference points to the past that aren’t serving you.
3. Then imagine yourself walking down a path and meeting the self you truly know you are.
4. Invite in that energy and then slow come back down the path to where you are now.

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