Micheila Sheldan: Dropping the Anchors: Activating Your Inner Creator

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

We have just experienced a major shift in our earth grid lines, opening up portals to allow us to integrate multi-dimensional timeline information. At the same time, we are purging karma and density and an incredibly fast pace. Our human ascension is evident in the recent spikes of the Schumann Resonance, showing us the movement forward we have been anticipating for a long time. (Listen Now on iTunes)

We were in a very stagnant place as we integrated timeline energy to decide what was coming with us, and what was meant to leave behind. At the same time, we were recovering lost soul pieces that were necessary for us to operate in a new dimension. Now, as much has cleared away and deep realizations have come to the surface, we must prepare to move forward into the unknown. This is an interesting time in our human history as we have to let go of more than just the timelines we created, but the imprints that caused them in the first place.

Beneath all of the layers of energy that make up your physical experience lie deep intersections with concepts of limitation and of linear living.

These concepts of singular creation and perception, although they are ready to shift, cause so much resistance. It takes a strong faith and trust in the unknown to hold the frequency necessary to create a fulfilled life! Your consciousness has shifted to assist you. But are you ready also modify the constructs of your reality that are no longer serving your evolution?

Anchors and reference points are those aspects of your reality that have held you in a singular experience. (Listen Now on iTunes)