Michelle Barr: How to Craft Your Signature Talk

Michelle Barr is a speaker, coach, author and teacher, who consistently delivers results to Conscious Entrepreneurs with Personal and Spiritual Growth and Development.

She guides clients in their Business Growth and Development as part of their Entrepreneurial Journey. She believes that having a healthy mindset is vital in achieving goals.

By using meditative and reflective techniques in her presentations, Michelle creates “A-HA” MOMENTS that lead to true and lasting transformation. Attendees leave refreshed, revived, and ready to pursue their journey with renewed focus.

About Michelle Barr ~ in her words

I am a former mental health therapist and hospital chaplain, and even before that, I worked in advertising and publishing. In 2003, I turned my life into an experiment in the Law of Attraction, and I began sharing what I was learning. In 2007, I created a business based on the life I wanted to live and not just what I can do but what I am made to do, and I have been sharing this journey ever since. My work has grown and evolved as I have, and my business reflects this as much as my life does.

I have been married to my husband for twenty-five years. We have three children, one son, and two daughters. I live outside of Austin in the Texas Hill Country.