Nora Herold: A Pleiadian ‘Solstice’ Transmission

hosted by Jeneth Blackert •

On this call, Nora and I talk about living and creating via 5D energy which launches us into a co-creative conversation with the energies she channels. Wahoo! It’s quite the ride!

Nora Channels

The Pleiadians, Yeshua, Calliandra, & a variety of Extradimensionals will offer information, love, and energetic downloads relating to the Solstice transmission. They will facilitate our journey in operating as sovereign, whole beings who know ourselves to be love incarnate existing solely in the now. The Solstice transmissions are always extremely powerful bringing with them upgrades to our operating systems along with activating new technologies.

This transmission is extremely layered and multi-dimensional due to the presence of so many beings. The energy offered deactivates implants that are preventing the accessing of the fifth dimensional identity while at the same time activating fifth dimensional technologies. Many processes are offered throughout from all of the beings present.

xo Jeneth


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